Convicted cannabis executive reaches settlement with former partner

MJ Biz reports

California marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring – who pleaded guilty last year to charges of bribery and tax evasion – reached a settlement with a former business partner in a civil legal dispute involving multiple cannabis companies.

According to CalCoastNews, Dayspring agreed to a “confidential settlement” with William Szymczak, an 83-year-old investor who put more than $17 million into businesses run by Dayspring, who owned 805 Agricultural Holdings and Natural Healing Center.

He also ran several cannabis shops on the central California coast.

Szymczak sued Dayspring in 2020 – after criminal charges were brought against Dayspring – accusing the businessman of misappropriation of funds, breach of contract, fraud and elder abuse in a civil lawsuit.

Dayspring pleaded guilty last October to one charge of bribery and one charge of tax evasion.