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Early Marijuana Sales Bill For Oregon Signed By Kate Brown

Gov. Kate Brown signed legislation Tuesday allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon to begin limited pot sales to adult consumers on Oct. 1.

Under Senate Bill 460, over-21 consumers will be able to buy up to a quarter-ounce of dried marijuana per day at dispensaries, as well as seeds and up to four immature plants.

This will be the first time that marijuana dispensaries can sell at all to people who don’t have a medical marijuana card. Supporters of the measure argued that the state should get a quick start on sales to divert traffic from the black market – and dispensary owners also said they were anxious to move into recreational marijuana sales because the market is over-saturated on the medical marijuana side.

Under the temporary sales program, there will be no tax on products until Jan. 4. At that point there will be a 25 percent sales tax.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission plans to licenses its own network of recreational marijuana retailers and foresees allowing them to open sometime in the latter half of 2016. Many dispensaries are expected to shift over to the recreational market.

Those recreational retailers are expected to offer a wider range of products and will be able to sell up to an ounce at a time to consumers.

Voters passed an initiative legalizing marijuana in November of 2014 and possession became legal on July 1. At this point, the only legal way to obtain the drug – for those who don’t have a medical marijuana card – is to grow it.

So far, the governor has not issued a statement about the measure, but the signing was reported on the Oregon Legislative Information System.

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