Where to buy marijuana seeds?

Buying marijuana seeds online can be quite a challenge. If you’ve visited our marijuana forums, you’ve probably read stories of people not receiving their seeds, receiving bad seeds or getting an empty package.

There is a way to lower your risk, however. Just like many other things, it is about knowledge.

Below are some tips to help you successfully purchase seeds and receive something that actually grows into a marijuana plant. I’ve also included my list of reputable seedbanks for you to choose from at the end. Keep reading to learn where to buy marijuana seeds and how to avoid getting scammed.

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You may wonder,

  • Will they actually ship my seeds?
  • Will customs intercept them?
  • Will they sprout?
  • Is the plant really from the strain you ordered?
  • Was its parent strong and healthy?

Focus on your supplier
Focus on your supplier – Image Powered by

Of course, there is no way to know
these answers for sure. You have to rely on trust, the advice of others and
personal experience. I’m not familiar with the business model of other seed
companies, but I can speak for my own seed shop. Our customers have grown to
trust us because we are so good at delivering genuine marijuana seeds with
strong genetics that actually sprout. We’re so
good, in fact, we guarantee it.  

However, with other seedbanks, it is
not always easy to tell. At a minimum,
you should expect to see a setup that is similar to any other webshop. You’ll
have the chance to choose your product, add it to the shopping cart, and pay
for it. In terms of payment methods, you
may see a variety of options such as credit card, bank transfer, Bitcoin or
even cash in the mail.

Some webshops will send you an order
confirmation – we do. Once you receive it, save that information as it has your
order number. You’ll need that number in case your order gets taken by customs
or has any unexpected problems.

You’d think this would be obvious,
but you’d be surprised how many seed shops do not provide an order
confirmation. You should also know that Sensi, The Green House, and Dutch Passion do not ship to the US.

Give the order some time

Are you worried about whether customs confiscated your marijuana seeds? You should probably relax a little as it can take some time for your seeds to arrive. In my store, we ship all of our orders within two days after receiving payment. We will notify you that your order has been shipped on the day we send it out. We use a unique “stealth” packaging that prevents customs from finding what’s inside, even if they open the package to inspect.

Give the order some time
Give the order some time – Image Powered by

There is no mention of marijuana
inside or on the package.

Generally, it takes about 7 to 10
days for an order to arrive in the USA when we ship it from Amsterdam. In some
instances, the packages could get lost. If this occurs, we will send you a brand-new
package right away. You always get your order no matter what!

As you know, marijuana seeds are not
totally legal in many countries. In the USA for example, the US Customs will
stop any package they find containing seeds. Australia is even stricter on the
import of all organic material. Chances are your package will be put in a
heating oven of 100 C to sterilize all organic content. There goes your chance
on sprouting…

We are quite successful at getting
our seeds delivered, but this is not the case with every supplier. When we
first started testing our stealth packages, a lot of our seeds were taken by
customs officials.

If your seeds are located and
confiscated, it may not be as bad as it seems. In our experience, it did not
produce any trouble for us or the intended
recipient of the package. The recipient merely received a letter stating
that their package was seized because it did not comply with the regulations
regarding the importation of seeds and nuts.

Keep your seeds fresh

It’s not uncommon for new growers to purchase more seeds than they can initially. This is not actually a problem because cannabis seeds can last quite a long time when stored correctly. You can use the seeds your next grow season, or the grow season after that.

As with most plant seeds of any kind, marijuana seeds last the longest when they are stored in a cool, dry place in a closed container. Label and date them so that you don’t forget what they are and when you purchased them. If you would like to store the seeds for even longer, you can freeze them for two or more years. If you freeze them for many years, however, you lower your chance of germination, so keep that in mind.  If you are concerned about whether or not they will germinate, you probably should not plan to freeze them.

Choose the best seeds

Once you’ve received your seeds,
you’ll need to select the ones that are most likely to grow. Picking out which
seeds are not going to work is not rocket science. Green or white seeds are
probably too immature to germinate, as are very soft seeds. If you are easily
able to squash a seed with your fingers, they probably will no longer germinate

choose the best seeds
choose the best seeds – Image Powered by

The best weed comes from the best genes. You know the kind: it smells lovely, tastes very flavorful, and is highly potent.

Explore our wide selection of high-quality marijuana seeds with the best genetics. Visit the ILGM seedbank today.


You need to find the best genes to grow superior marijuana. This is more complicated than simply locating and buying high-quality seeds, however. There is still a large amount of variation from seed to seed, even within the same strain. A lot depends on the environment in which it is grown, and the care you have when raising your plants.

Unless you already intimately know the mature plants that your seeds or clones have been taken from, growing marijuana is unavoidably unpredictable.

The only way to ensure your seeds
came from parents that are strong and healthy is to seed or clone your best
quality plant once you grow a plant that you like. That way, you can guarantee
the quality of the next crop. When you choose the best cannabis plants out of a
single strain, you have a better understanding of the plant it came from, and,
therefore, can also improve their own care of the same type of plant.

Sprout your seeds

Now it’s time for the golden question: “will my marijuana seeds sprout?”

My store offers a germination
guarantee, but truthfully, we can never really guarantee that ALL of our seeds
will germinate because a small fraction of every batch won’t. What we can do,
however, is ship you enough seeds to guarantee success and if 20% or more of
the seeds fail to germinate, we will ship you a new package immediately. This
is very rare, so we keep it simple and guarantee germination.  

There are many reasons why your
seeds might not germinate. Sometimes it’s from poor storage (by you or the seedbank), but other times it is caused by any
number of external factors. This is why you should always test your seeds
before planting them to make sure they will function properly. Do this several
weeks in advance of when you are planning on planting initially, to make the most of your precious growing

Because my webstore
is about helping you grow marijuana, and not just selling you seeds, we include
a PDF explaining our germination method with every order.
Follow those instructions, and we’ll
honor our guarantee if they don’t sprout. If you are able to get a successful
grow, but less than 20% of the seeds germinate you will still get replacement
seeds, but we will send them to you on your next order. We want to make sure
that you always get what you pay for.

Reputable Places to Buy Your Seeds

Now that you know what to look for,
here are a few shops that I personally recommend for buying marijuana seeds online. These shops have proven to be
reliable in terms of delivering genuine
marijuana seeds that sprout.  

The I Love Growing Marijuana seed shop

ILGM – Image Powered by

Our blog is focused on providing high-quality marijuana growing information, but we also sell marijuana seeds in our seed shop.

The benefits include:

  • Worldwide stealth shipping (including Australia & USA)
  • Free re-shipping if your order does not arrive
  • Pre-selected marijuana strains from Dutch quality breeders.
  • Free Growing Guides and personal support on your grow

Order your ILGM marijuana seeds here:

Bonza Seedbank

Bonza Seedbank
Bonza Seedbank – Image Powered by

It’s great to have options, and when
it comes to seeds, Bonza has plenty. This seedbank
includes seeds from over 100 breeders. Buy a few or buy a lot – the options are
endless. You are sure to find what you are looking for, and it will show up in
discrete packaging.

Relax, your order includes:

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Strains from over 100 breeders
  • Stealth standard shipping

Order seeds from Bonza by going here: Bonza Seeds. Visit this URL for more marijuana plant info.

Single Seed Centre

Pick ‘n’ mix your favorites or buy a
bunch of the same strain. The Single Seed Centre is the original cannabis seed
megastore.  Choose from more than 3000 strains from over 200 breeders.
You’ll even receive free seeds to try with each order.

Get creative and enjoy:

  • Worldwide shipping (except Australia)
  • Over 3000 strains
  • Free seeds with every order

Order from Single Seed Centre here: The Single Seed Centre

GYO Seedbank

gyo seedbank
GYO Seedbank – Image powered by

This seedbank
curates premium breeders from around the world and sells their seeds in both
singles and retail packs. If you are looking for branded genetics, GYO is the
most reputable seed store online. Perfect for those that enjoy premium seeds.

Indulge with:

  • Global delivery
  • Seeds from premium breeders
  • State-of-the-art, discrete packaging.

Select your GYO Seedbank genetics here: GYO

Making the most of your seeds

Knowing where to buy marijuana seeds
is only the start of the process. You also need to know how to grow them.

If you’ve got any questions while growing, join our grow forum. Our site is created and managed by marijuana lovers who are striving to build the best marijuana company. My team of grow specialists are always ready and willing to answer your cannabis-growing questions. With the number of people that we’ve helped, it’s likely that we’ve seen and solved your problem before. You can also attach a picture of your plants for a better diagnosis. We will usually get back to you within a day.

New growers should also download my free Marijuana Grow Bible to help them learn how to grow the best plants from their seeds. That way they can then clone or seed them as a reliable mother plant in the future. A great harvest starts with a seed, however, so choose wisely.

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Happy shopping,


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