Washington State Update: Rulemaking – Cannabis-related Board actions:

27 March. The WSLCB Board held a special Board meeting authorized under the Governor’s Proclamation 20-28. During the Board’s meeting they considered and authorized the withdrawal of one proposed rule, and adopted five emergency rules, all listed here:

Cannabis-related Board actions:

Board Withdrawal of CR 102 for QC Testing – The Board withdrew its proposed rulemaking related to quality assurance sample testing.

Quality Control Testing and Products Requirements (Rulemaking Withdrawn)      Notice to Stakeholders CR-102 Filed as WSR 20-07-052 on March 11, 2020 Notice to StakeholdersCR-102 Filed as WSR 20-03-176 on January 22, 2020 Small Business Economic Impact Statement Significant Analysis Withdrawal of Rulemaking WSR 20-08-088

Emergency rule (CR103E) regarding WAC 314-55-092 : Allows LCB to waive fees and penalties required for marijuana licensees who were or are late paying their monthly excise taxes. The period of time covered by this rule is retroactive and covers from February 29, 2020 until the Governor’s proclamation is lifted or until the Board rescinds the rule – whichever happens first. (Approved, March 27, 2020)