Tennessee: Knox County DA’s office asked to look into offer for cannabis store discount for voters

Knox News reports..

Knox County prosecutors are being asked to weigh whether a promise of a discount at a cannabis store to anyone who votes in the election is a violation of the state’s bribery law, Knox News has learned.

Deidra Harper, who is running in District 6 for the Knoxville City Council, posted photos and a video Saturday on Facebook promising a 15% discount at the My Canna Buds store on Western Avenue to anyone who shows their voting sticker. She didn’t tie the discount to voting for a particular candidate.

“The post is encouraging people to vote, not necessarily to vote for me,” Harper told Knox News Monday. “The turnout is really low in local elections and we know it’s important to vote. The goal is to get people out to vote whoever you vote for. Nobody knows … if you voted and exercised your right to vote, that’s what important.”

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