Sundae Driver Strain

Dessert strains are delicious, and Sundae Driver is one of the best. It has a clear, euphoric high that includes intensely relaxing body vibes. Users of all types find that the Sundae Driver strain is a tasty treat for early afternoon use. Its balanced 50/50 blend of indica and sativa strains makes it the best of both worlds.  

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
50% / 50% 9 oz. per square meter 10 oz. per plant 7 – 9 weeks indoors, early to mid-October outdoors.

In terms of effects, this strain is excellent for therapeutic use. A Sundae Driver strain review typically includes many reports of its pain-relieving body buzz. Whether that pain comes from arthritis, cancer, or stress, the indica half of its heritage delivers reliable effects. It’s also used for insomnia, stress, and depression symptoms.

Sundae Driver is a sweet, smooth blend of Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles OG. First bred by Cannarado Genetics in Colorado, it’s a new strain that’s on its way to becoming a classic. Look for THC levels between 14-16%, because Sundae Driver is no slouch.

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Information about Sundae Driver Strain:

ORIGIN Grape Pie, Fruity Pebbles OG
EFFECTS Creativity, relaxing, urge to sleep
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) dry eyes and mouth, paranoia, anxiety, stress
FRAGRANCE Fruity, herbal undertones
FLAVORS Sweet and fruity, with chocolate tones and a creamy aftertaste
MEDICAL stress, inflammation, anxiety, depression
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS early to mid-October
THC CONTENT % 14-16%
CBD % < 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 50% / 50%
INDOOR YIELD 9 oz. per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 10 oz. per plant


Sundae Driver Strain Effects

The strain’s balanced sativa-indica combination makes Sundae Driver a great choice for most occasions. The deep, cerebral high comes on smoothly, with a euphoric effect that makes most people giggly. The head high doesn’t interfere with thought, so creative activities come easily with Sundae Driver strain use. Stress, however, becomes an afterthought as the day melts away.

The intensely
relaxing effect begins about fifteen minutes after the head high is noticeable.
However, it’s not so intense that users end up couch-locked for the afternoon.
The creative impulse from the head high is buoyed by the body high. Art and
relaxing creative activities are the perfect activity to take part in while
enjoying this strain. At the end of the experience, many users notice an urge
to sleep, so prepare for a long, comfortable rest after using Sundae Driver.


scent is a mellow, smooth, fruit profile that won’t overwhelm users. There are
heavy hints of fruity pebbles and grape, with herbal undertones that keep the
scent interesting.


Sundae Driver Strain Flavors

The flavor
profile of Sundae Driver is a natural result of its ancestor strains. Sweet and
fruity, with chocolate tones and a creamy aftertaste, Sundae Driver is
reminiscent of an ice cream sundae.

Adverse reactions

people report nothing more than moderately dry eyes and mouth when using Sundae
Driver. On occasion, mild feelings of paranoia may occur in those with high
levels of anxiety or stress. However, these feelings usually happen when taking
larger doses than recommended. By using in moderation, users can mitigate any
side effects and keep their experience smooth, chill, and fun.


Like many
strains with a solid indica content, Sundae Driver has plenty of body effects. The
euphoric head high and intense body buzz are helpful for everything from stress
to inflammation.

The head
high helps manage stress. When facing intensely stressful situations, the
euphoric, uplifting effects of Sundae Driver can help relax the intensity,
making it easier to cope. In some cases, this strain can even calm stress
itself entirely. The euphoria may also ease symptoms related to generalized anxiety
and depression with feelings of intense happiness and giddiness. The positive attitude
that this strain provides is likely a welcome reprieve for many.

the body high relaxes on a deep level. Cannabis has natural anti-inflammatory properties,
which can help with a wide variety of physical symptoms. Headaches, tense
muscles, and stress are all connected to inflammation-related pain. Sundae
Driver can relieve that inflammation, leading to a reduction in pain.

as the high winds down, there’s a gentle sedative effect. This can help people
suffering from insomnia find the sleep they want. Taking the time to lie down
and relax at the end of the evening will help Sundae Driver lull anyone into
the sweet dreams they deserve.


Growing the Sundae Driver Strain

As Sundae Driver is such a new strain, there’s still some uncertainty around what the average grower should expect from a Sundae Driver strain grow. However, based on its ancestor strains, we can make some assumptions.

We don’t currently sell Sundae Driver seeds. Check out other hybrid seeds in our marijuana seed bank.

Both of
Sundae Driver’s parent strains are known to get tall, so expect plants that
easily reach six feet or more. These plants are an excellent choice for
high-stress training because they are hardy and easy to grow. Encouraging more
branches will increase the number of bud sites from which you can harvest per

Grape Pie
has a moderate tendency to herm, or produce hermaphroditic buds that aren’t
good to smoke. Keep an eye on your Sundae Driver plants, just in case, so you
can nip those buds before your plants waste resources. Luckily, Grape Pie is a
hardy plant, so your Sundae Driver plants should be more than able to handle
any necessary trimming.

parent strains appreciate stable, moderate conditions. If you want to encourage
the hints of purple from Grape Pie, you can allow temperatures to dip a little
in the evenings. However, in general, the calmer the conditions, the higher the
THC content and the bigger the buds.

Flowering Time


When growing Sundae Driver indoors, Sundae Driver flowers in about 7 to 9 weeks. The Sundae Driver strain yield is usually 9 oz. per square meter.


you’re growing Sundae Driver outside, you should look to harvest in early to
mid-October in the northern hemisphere. The harvest can be up to 10 oz. per
plant, depending on your method of training.


  1. Grape Ape
  2. Fruity Pebbles

FAQ About Sundae Driver Strain

What is the Sundae Driver strain yield?

Sundae Driver yields 9 oz. per square meter indoors and 10 oz. per plant outdoors.

How much THC does Sundae Driver have?

From 14% up to 16%

What are the origins of the Sundae Driver strain?

Sundae Driver was First bred by Cannarado Genetics in Colorado created from a mix between Grape Ape and Fruity Pebbles.

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