Oregon: Latest Roundup Of 2020 Updates From The OLCC Concerning Cannabis Licensing Issues

OLCC Licensing: OLCC Licensing: As of January 13th, 2020 (date of OLCC update), Oregon has 2238 active licenses, a total increase of licenses of 3 since we last reported this Dec. 9th. This totals to 0 Labs, -2 Processors, 5 Farms, 0 Retailers, and 0 Wholesalers.

There are now a total of 51,548 active worker permits – an increase of 1,864.

OLCC Current Processing Dates for Marijuana Licensing Actions: 

For those waiting on applications you can check the submittal dates of applications the OLCC is processing to see where they are in the queue.

The speed of application processing has been a major concern of many of our members, and we have been working with the OLCC about the need for clarity and speed in the application process.

Below is the current dates they are processing:

New Applications:

2/21/18 – New Producer Applications

6/13/18 – New Retailer, Wholesaler, and Processor Applications

Change of Ownerships:

7/19/19 – Change of Ownerships for Retailers, Processors, and Labs

10/02/19 – Change of Ownerships for Producers and Wholesalers

Other Changes:

10/24/19 – Other Changes (Location Endorsements, etc.) for Retailers,

Processors, and Labs

10/09/19 – Other Changes (Location Endorsements, etc.) for Producers and Wholesalers


7/05/19 – Reassignment for Retailers, Processors, and Labs

8/08/19 – Reassignment for Producers and Wholesalers


Thankyou to ORCA for the update