NJ Attorney General To Cannabis Delivery Companies… “Don’t Offer Free Gifts, You Are Breaking The Law”

NBC4  reports

The New Jersey state attorney general is warning to some companies that claimed to offer no-cost “gift” marijuana along with snacks: there’s no such thing as free munchies.

Gurbir Grewal sent letters of cease and desist to four Garden State-based vendors, telling them that they are being investigated for violating the Consumer Fraud Act.

“In legalizing adult-use cannabis in New Jersey, the Legislature made it clear they were creating a regulated market with restrictions on how that market operates,” said Grewal. “Instead of waiting for those regulations to be established, some vendors have decided to move forward on their own, in ways that the law does not allow. Today we’re making it clear that we will not permit these entities to undermine the regulated cannabis marketplace the Legislature created or to compete unfairly with properly licensed cannabis businesses.”