Never Mess With Clint! …. Clint Eastwood Wins $2M in Trademark Infringement Suit Over Fake CBD Endorsement

Remember this from over a year ago.

Eastwood has pursued it to the inevitable final conclusion.

This is is 2nd win in as many years

The Hollywood Reporter

The actor-director accused a company of illegally using his celebrity to drive traffic to its website selling CBD products.


Clint Eastwood was awarded $2 million in a lawsuit accusing a CBD retailer of stealing his name and likeness to promote its products. The verdict is the second in favor of the actor in a pair of suits against CBD manufacturers and marketers that fabricated news articles and manipulated search results to make it appear that the actor endorsed their products.

“$2 million is a reasonable representation of the fair market value of Mr. Eastwood’s services in lending his influential and known name to a hidden metatag campaign for products he likely would have been unwilling to endorse in the first place,” reads the order issued on June 24.



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