Nevada Marijuana Dispensary Fined $45K For Self-Reported Violation

Common sense should dictate this retailer be given a small fine as a way of indicating that honesty is the best policy. All this does is persuade good operators to hide infractions and bad operators to increase their bad behaviour as they see upside in good behaviour.

Marijuana Retail Report

State regulators this week tried to levy a hefty fine on a Southern Nevada marijuana dispensary that self-reported a regulatory violation, a decision that some questioned as being overly harsh.

The fine stemmed from a single sale in May 2021 in which an employee of Nevada Organic Remedies, which owns and operates The Source dispensaries in the valley, sold more than the legally allowable 1 ounce of marijuana. The company discovered the error and reported it to the Cannabis Compliance Board three days after the sale.

While the company took its own corrective action, state regulators still wanted to fine Nevada Organic Remedies $62,500 for the violation, which didn’t sit well with Cannabis Compliance Board member Riana Durrett.

“I think the amount is really, really high, so I would be in favor of a lower amount since it was self-reported,” Durrett said, while the board discussed the penalty during a meeting Tuesday.

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