Massachusetts: The Cannabis Control Commission’s Open Data Platform has moved

Starting this week, the Cannabis Control Commission (Commission)’s Open Data Platform composed of application and license, agent registration and ownership, and sales and product distribution information is now available on their main website at

There you will find visualizations, charts, and datasets that market analysts, researchers, and inquiring citizens have come to know and love in a new and improved user-friendly interface available through Tableau Public.

Last year, the Commission added Medical Use of Marijuana Program sales totals, which continue to be available on the new Open Data page and embedded throughout Patient and Caregiver and Medical Marijuana Treatment Center pathways across the site. If you haven’t checked out the Platform’s general Data Catalog in a while, we encourage you to do so. All of these datasets are crucial tools to our goals of conducting agency processes openly and transparently and defining and publicly measuring our performance.

Thank you for using our Open Data Platform to continue to hold the Commission accountable for implementing and administering a safe, effective, and equitable industry. We look forward to receiving your feedback about ways in which we can continue to make this resource even more useful to you.

View the Open Data Platform