Massachusetts: Southwick man found guilty of assault, raiding neighbor’s cannabis patch

Mass Live reports

WESTFIELD — A Southwick man who has been convicted of raiding a marijuana patch near his home, and of assaulting the owner of the property, has been sentenced and is required to pay $3,000 in restitution.

The charges stem from two incursions the man — Michael D. Markvart, 51, of 1 Chapman St., Southwick — reportedly made into a vegetable garden at a Point Grove residence where six marijuana plants were also growing.

Southwick Police Sgt. Michael Westcott reported that a resident called on Oct. 7, 2020, and reported that he had video recordings of the same man, who he recognized, stealing from his backyard on two successive nights. The victim said that on the second night he had accosted the man, who then assaulted him.