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World’s Biggest Dab (401g) Up-Close High-Quality Audio Recording

We grabbed hours of high-quality audio from the World’s Biggest Dab/Northwest Nights kick-off last night at 7 Point Studios in Seattle, but we know exactly which 113 seconds you care about the most – THE 401 GRAM DAB! Well, the first 113 seconds after the titanium was heated above 700 degrees and the first half of the humongous oil glob was vaporized by it, anyway. We’ll have the full (cleaned up) recordings in this week’s syndicated radio hour and in our Dabcast. For now, put on your nicest pair of headphones, or crank the amp up, take a fat dab and close your eyes while you listen to an up-close-and-personal high-quality audio recording of the record breaking dab going down.

Huge thank you to Dabstars and Dank Dabber for putting the event on, and for giving so much back to our community! Also, many thanks are due to every vendor that donated products like Farmer Joe and Peace Oil, Oleum Extracts, 40to5, and the rest of the event’s sponsors.

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HQ WAV File:
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320Kbps MP3 File:
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