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Treating Your Pets with Medical Cannabis

purebred gray cat sleeping in a museum catsOur kitty, Maya, developed lymphoma. She stopped eating, and she couldn’t even make it upstairs. She would fall asleep in her litter box. She was already sixteen, and she’d had a good long life, so the vet asked us if we wanted to put her down. We said first we’d like to try putting cannabis oil in her food. Two years and two blood tests later, her tests are clear, and she’s alive and kicking!

Now she comes upstairs every morning for food and water, and if we’re not up yet, she rouses us by meowing, “Feed me!

We’re not alone in treating our pets with medical cannabis. We’ve read stories of Collage of cute dogs and cats isolated on whitepeople using medical cannabis to treat all kinds of pets with all kinds of ailments. Kali, a Labrador mix, eats CBD-enriched dog biscuits for her chronic pain. Sprout, a three-legged terrier mix, munches medicated cannabis dog treats to ease anxiety and the inflammation caused by putting weight on her one front leg. Borzo, a 24-year-old cat, had difficulty walking until he started on a glycerin-based cannabis tincture. Phoenix, a horse with degenerative ligament disease, had stopped walking, eating, and drinking until she started receiving cannabis butter in her food. Pet owners who know about the many benefits of medical cannabis for humans are discovering that it works wonders on other animals, too.

dog with a bone - dogue de bordeaux puppy with a dog buscuit onThere is no scientific evidence to back this up. Not because it’s not true, but because literally no research has been done on treating animals with marijuana (clinical testing has been done on lab rats for preliminary research for humans). A few different researchers are starting to look into this, but it is still in the preliminary phase—no studies are being conducted yet. But we know that mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles have endocannabinoid systems, so it only makes sense that they would respond to phytocannabinoids.

Several companies now offer cannabis treats and tinctures for pets. Our friends at Auntie Dolores have created Treat-ibles, CBD-rich pet treats made from hemp.

“The CBD in our treats is derived from organic hemp so it’s non toxic, safe, and hastreats virtually no THC.  We are getting feedback from our customers that our CBD-rich treats are benefiting animals in similar ways that CBD has been reported to help children and adults.  Our customers have reported a reduction in epileptic seizures, relief from arthritis, and reduction in separation anxiety, among other reported results.  We are in this business to help the whole family with these incredible plant based cannabinoids whether it’s a mom, a grandparent, or your family’s beloved animal companion.  When any member of your family is suffering the whole family suffers and so we hope by helping to bring vitality to the lives of animals we are in turn helping the whole family to be well.” shares Julianna Carella, owner of Treat-ibles.

Currently no states permit the use of medical cannabis on pets, but that could change soon. Tick Segerblom, a Democratic State Senator in Nevada, added a provision to a bill updating the state’s medical marijuana law that would allow pets to have their own medical cannabis licenses.

He told the LA Times, “People these days believe that marijuana can cure everything under the sun,” he said, “from the inability to eat if you’re terminally ill to problems with your nervous system. So if your dog has a nerve disease or uncontrollable tremors, this might be able to help it.”

Dog Paw And Human Hand Are Doing HandshakeWith pet healthcare costs skyrocketing—Americans spent an estimated $15.2 billion on veterinary care in 2014—people are going to be looking for better, safer, and cheaper alternatives to surgeries and prescription drugs. Cannabis for pets is sure to be a growing market.


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