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Random auto and AK Auto 120x60x150 grow tent HSP 400w
just a quick post on the update of my plants. I started only just 31 days ago so I’m a noob.

I’ve got them set up and in a 120x60x150mm grow tent
with 400w HSP grow light from flower power with a blue spectrum
mixed my normal organic soil 50%, coco 30% and perlite 20% roughly
stated usuing nutrients around 2 weeks ago as you can tell buy the pics, ph them at 6.2, also when I’m not feeding i give them 6.8 ph water.

humidity runs around lowest ever 30% and highest around 70%, predominately sits around 40 – 60%,
temps run around 35 degrees celsius, with a high around 40 and low around 25.

Random auto seed 31 days from seed

this the Ak Auto 2 weeks from seed