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Ohio Now A Battleground State For Marijuana

OHIO: Four states already allow recreational pot, but approved medical marijuana first. Now, Ohio could make history by legalizing both at the same time, and the pro-marijuana camp is ramping up as the days until the vote are counting down.

A new poll finds most Ohioans support legalization, but the campaign is stirring up controversy, reports CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen.

Ian James, who spent 30 years as a campaign strategist in Ohio, is leading the charge to legalize pot in Ohio. He said his experience of working with President Obama’s national data team helped accelerate his campaign, which aims to knock on a million doors between now and Election Day.

“You’ve got that old saying of: ‘As goes Ohio, so goes the nation,’” he said.

Politically, Ohio is a battleground state. But right now, the battle is about the actual ground – one of the fields where marijuana could be grown.