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After only a month, Denver’s second social marijuana business is closed and up for sale

Vape and Play opened in January, creating a new place for tourists and others to use marijuana legally in Denver. It was only the second business to win the city of Denver’s new “social use” license.

Weeks later, the business owners have closed their doors at 1753 South Broadway and put themselves up for sale.

“We’re for sale,” Megan Lumpkins told The Denver Post. She co-founded the venue with her son, Taylor Rosean.

In a news release, she described the closure as temporary.

“We look forward to Vape and Play opening again to the public soon,” she wrote.

Lumpkins didn’t provide additional details on the reason for the sale, and the company’s explanation to city officials was similarly brief.

“Vape and Play closed its doors this weekend, and we are putting the business up for sale,” she wrote in an email obtained via public records request. “If you know of any interested parties and reached out to them that would be very appreciated.”

In an earlier interview, Lumpkins said that she and other family members, including her son and co-founder, had put about $500,000 and years of work into the new business.

Social-use businesses don’t sell marijuana. Instead, people can bring their own greenery and pack it into Vape and Play’s vaporizers. Any new owner would have to apply for a new social-use license.

Denver voters approved the social-use law in 2016, but entrepreneurs have been slow to embrace the model. The only other licensed social-use business has had its permit for about a year. The Coffee Joint is next to a dispensary tucked away in a north Denver strip mall, although there also are secretive, private clubs.

The city now is considering loosening location rules for the businesses and making other revisions. State laws about “public and open” use also have muddied the waters for businesses such as marijuana tour buses.