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4/20 festival garners tens of thousands of attendees, few citations

Denver’s annual 4/20 festival this year seemed to have the perfect conditions: warm weather and the holiday fell on a Saturday.

The 2019 FlyHi 4:20 festival at Denver’s Civic Center wasn’t quite as eventful as the 2017 event where a brief gunfire incident took place near the festival in downtown Denver. But police still made some arrests and issued citations.

Organizers expected as many as 75,000 people at the event, touted as the largest free 4/20 event in the world.

Officers issued 33 citations and made seven arrests at the event, according to Denver police.

The citations were mainly for public consumption of marijuana, though some were also issued for obstruction of city streets and drug paraphernalia, according to spokeswoman Marika Putnam.

The arrests were mainly for warrants, Putnam said.

No major disturbances appear to have occurred at this year’s event and officers stuck to a similar plan for other events at the Civic Center, she said.

Denver police posted a guide on 4/20 for those celebrating, “a guide to retail marijuana in Colorado.”

“The one thing we need everyone to remember is even though it is legal in Colorado, there are parameters set up for each jurisdiction,” Putnam said.

In Denver: No consumption on public property.