Marijuana Facts

2019 a new year with new possibilities!

A new year has come, a new year for new possibilities and new battles.


We hope this year will bring down more unjust laws regarding cannabis and that people all around the world can soon be able to safely get cannabis products, not just CBD products, and be able to grow their own plants if they want to. Growing plants should not be illegal.


We hope that more people get to know about this amazing plant and what in can do for your health,

both your body and your mind.


We hope that with more legalization more knowledge will reach the people,

so they can make their own decisions based on real information.


We hope that more doctors will dare to learn about the endocannabinoid system

and gather knowledge to share with their patients.


We wish 2019 will be a great year for cannabis!


And yes, we will release new strains!



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