Low Odor Strains

Though growing cannabis is fun and rewarding, sometimes indoor growers find it best to be discreet. If you love to grow your own weed but don’t want the smell lingering around your home, a low odor strain may be the best choice for you. Read on for a list of low odor strains for indoor growing.

What Makes a Marijuana Strain Low Odor? 

When determining whether a strain is low odor, you should consider three things: how smelly it is while growing; how much smell it produces when smoked; and how distinctive the smell is to marijuana. Ideally, discreet growers want a plant that doesn’t have a strong and distinctive weed smell while grown or smoked. 

The terpenes found in marijuana plants have a wide variety of smells which are well known by growers and users: Myrcene, an oil used as a sedative or pain reliever, gives marijuana its characteristic skunk smell; Limonene has a strong citrus scent and is used to assist with depression; Alpha-pinene, common in lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus, gives marijuana an aroma reminiscent of pine trees; Caryophyllene smells of cloves or black pepper.

When choosing plants for this low odor strains list, we considered the terpenes in each plant to ensure the best low odor strains. 

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Top 10 Low Odor Marijuana Strains 

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a great low odor strain for growers, as it is nearly odorless while growing. After curing, it yields a spicy, citrusy aroma that smells a bit like licorice.

When smoking, you’ll get an initial hit of pine, which fades nicely into a subtle earthy smell and flavor. This pure sativa landrace strain is energizing and uplifting and is excellent for stubborn fatigue, intense sadness, or trouble focusing. 

Durban Poison Strain
Durban Poison Strain


Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the best low odor autoflower strains for indoor growers. Bred to be grown indoors, it flowers quickly and doesn’t have an overpowering scent. Once cured, its buds smell and taste a bit piney, with citrusy and spicy undertones. 

Northern Lights Strain
Northern Lights Strain

This classic indica strain is high in THC and provides a relaxing body high that eases pain and muscle tension. Due to its strong pain-relieving properties, this low odor indica strain is ideal for therapeutic uses.


Jack Herer

Another one of the best low odor autoflower strains is the sativa-dominant Jack Herer. When smoked, you can expect a piney and earthy aroma with woody and spicy undertones. Some users report delightful hints of lemon and orange juice as well. 

Jack Herer Strain
Jack Herer Strain

As an autoflower strain, this plant is ideal for indoor growers. Often recommended for its mood-altering properties, Jack Herer has a very high THC level ( up to 20%) and tends to put people in a good mood. It’s also energizing like a potent cup of coffee. 


Master Kush

Master Kush is an amazingly popular strain with a sweet taste and a strong body effect. Many users report very little smell from this predominantly indica strain, but others report earthy and citrusy notes. The taste of Master Kush is quite pungent with smooth and sweet woody flavors. 

Master Kush Strain
Master Kush Strain

Master Kush is a good strain for nearly anyone, but it’s ideal for fighting stress and putting people in a good mood. 


White Rhino 

If your primary concern is discretion, White Rhino is a great choice. After curing, this strong indica strain produces a smell that evokes a woody forest’s peaceful tranquility. Sweet and earthy, its smell and taste are a good match for its relaxing high. 

White Rhino Strain
White Rhino Strain

White Rhino has a high THC content, so new users are advised to start slow, but both inexperienced and experienced smokers will appreciate its body-soothing potency. 


Bubble Gum 

Bubble Gum is our favorite amongst the least stinky strains. Its pleasant flowery smell is so good it almost makes you want to eat it. Simultaneously earthy and sweet, Bubble Gum gives off a faint smell of berries and tropical candy. The taste is even better, with a creamy flavor that really does taste like bubble gum! 

Bubblegum Strain
Bubblegum Strain

The name is appropriate for its uplifting effects as well. This indica-sativa hybrid produces a happy, alert, and stress-free high combined with full-bodied relaxation.



Technically, Trainwreck is not a low odor strain. Instead, it is a strain with a delightful smell that you can enjoy without all of the unwanted attention of more potent and skunky strains. Immediately upon handling, you’ll notice a strong smell of cedar and pine mixed with a sweet and spicy undertone. Its taste continues to be a bit piney but brings in some sharp lemony notes and finishes earthy. 

Trainwreck Strain
Trainwreck Strain

Trainwreck is appropriately named and is not for the faint of heart. Users can expect feelings of happiness and energy, mixed with a strong sense of calm and relaxation that may confuse inexperienced smokers. 


Granddaddy Purple 

No list of pleasantly smelling strains would be complete without Granddaddy Purple. This pure indica gem is famous for its distinctive smell and taste. Immediately upon lighting up, you’ll find it produces a sweet-smelling smoke with hints of grapes and berries. The taste is even better, with a pleasant acidity and strong grape flavor that reminds you of sweet wine and warm summer days. 

Granddaddy Purple Strain
Granddaddy Purple Strain

Speaking of warm summer days, this strain will take you back to them with a mild but satisfying buzz and a sense of calm elation. Even the heaviest users will appreciate the long-lasting effects of this high THC (up to 23%) strain. 


Strawberry Cough

The light and fruity taste of fresh strawberries is the first thing you’ll notice about Strawberry Cough. With pleasant earthy and herbal notes balanced by the sweet and tangy smell of fresh fruit, this strain’s aroma is truly unique. 

Strawberry Cough Strain
Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough is perfect for those seeking a mellow, slow-acting high that won’t leave them locked to the couch or feeling too heavy to be productive. Be prepared: just one toke of this strain can trigger intense coughing and a tingling sensation in the throat. 



Though we don’t carry Papaya at ILGM, it’s a great low strain for indoor growers due to its short height and pleasant aroma. This indica-dominant hybrid starts with a fruity smell that is both sour and sweet, then quickly yields a more spicy and peppery effect. Papaya’s taste is similarly creamy and sweet but also carries hints of tropical fruit and cheese. 

Papaya Strain
Papaya Strain

Papaya is excellent for those looking for a productive and yet calm sense of mental focus. Many users find that it makes them more energetic and productive, making it great for a late daytime high that peters out into a relaxing nighttime calm. 

Other Ways to Mask the Smell of Marijuana

We all have our favorite strains that are too stinky to hide. We get it– dank weed is the best around. Luckily, there are a few techniques for controlling the odor of your beautiful plants

First, adequate ventilation is key (and it’s good for your plants anyway). Ensure you have adequate cross-ventilation by opening two windows on opposite ends of the room and leaving all others closed. This will provide an entry for fresh air and an exit for stagnant air. For additional ventilation, aim a fan toward the exit window. 

Proper ventilation to mask weed smell
Proper ventilation can help mask weed smell

Next, don’t use chemical odors to cover the smell. Instead, try to mix other natural aromas to disguise the smell. Remember how we mentioned that the terpenes in weed also grow in other plants? Choose other odorous plants, like lavender, sage, eucalyptus, or orange. Rub the leaves to activate the oils and place them around the house. 

Finally, consider purchasing anti-odor gels or an activated carbon filter to do the job if all else fails. 

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FAQs About Low Odor Weed Strains

Are low odor strains less potent?

No, low odor strains are not less potent. They simply produce less of the smelly terpenes (aromatic oils) regularly associated with weed. Check out our selection of low-odor strains

Does an indica plant smell different than a sativa plant?

Yes, they do have subtly different aromas. While sativa strains tend to produce sweet, fruity, or spicy smelling terpenes, you’ll find that indica smells more musty, earthy, and skunky. 

Do marijuana seeds smell?

No, marijuana seeds do not have an odor. However, the best seeds can grow into the stinkiest plants. Find your perfect strain in our seedbank.

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What’s your favorite low odor strain? Feel free to comment below! We’d love to hear about your marijuana experience.

Happy growing!


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