Limoncello Strain

The Limoncello marijuana strain sits right in the middle of that Sativa-Indica divide (50% Indica/50% Sativa). This finely balanced weed comes packed with limonene terpenes, which gives this strain its classically strong citrus flavor. Then there is that smooth hit which courses from head to toe in no time — you’ll soon understand why it won the High Times Cannabis Cup twice in a row (in 2008 and 2009).

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
50%/50% at least 1 ounce per plant high 9 to 10 weeks indoors, around early October outdoors

Also known as Lemoncello or Lemonchello 28, this hybrid strain is the creation of Growing Passion. They achieved this feat by crossing The Original Lemonade with Cherry Pie. The Original Lemonade is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its bright and energetic mental effects. On the other hand, Cherry Pie is an indica-leaning, fruity strain known for its mind-expanding high. Limoncello manages to hold onto the most interesting traits of both parents.

The THC levels of this strain fall in the range of 14% to 18% across various phenotypes of Limoncello. That means the hybrid’s THC levels are not so high that they put you in a state of couchlock. But neither is it too low to make you feel you wasted your money. Users love the easy and relaxing mood boost of the Limoncello strain. And, just so long as you don’t overdo it, the buzz is enough to keep you in a creative and social frame of mind the whole time. Enjoy this strain either day or night – Limoncello is a good choice for any occasion.

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ORIGIN The Original Lemonade and Cherry Pie
EFFECTS Relaxing
Hunger pangs
Dry mouth
FRAGRANCE Lemon, light herbal, floral, berries
FLAVORS Citrusy, lemon, cherry
FLOWERING TIME 9-10 weeks indoors, around early October outdoors
THC CONTENT % 14% to 18%
INDICA / SATIVA % 50%/50%
INDOOR YIELD at least 1 ounce per plant

Limoncello Effects

Given the 50-50 balance, Limoncello strain effects include both sativa and indica characteristics. You are sure to feel the hit in the first couple of tokes. The high begins with a head buzz and slowly spreads across your entire body. The transfer between head and body high is as effortless as a bowstring.

Those who have used this cannabis strain say it is perfect for unwinding after a long day of work. That’s because Limoncello strain effects make you feel euphoric, energetic, happy, and even giggly at times. The high stimulates the mind while relaxing the body. But the feeling is not one that makes you sleepy. Instead, it gives you a renewed sense of energy and positivity.

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Orange Bud Strain
Orange Bud Strain

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Recreation apart, Limoncello is also known to offer relief from a wide range of maladies. It is a good option for mild to moderate body pains, headaches, and nausea. Similarly, those with symptoms of depression and stress can use the strain to get that much-needed mental peace and happiness. 

Limoncello Fragrance

The Limoncello marijuana strain gives off a blast of lemon scent when you first smell it. Next are hints of a light herbal and floral aroma. Fresh out of the bag, Limoncello buds smell like lemon drops and fresh berries.

The scent takes a deep skunky form once you light up those marijuana buds in a joint or bong. And it only gets thicker and more pungent. So, if you plan to enjoy this strain in public, plan appropriately.

Limoncello Flavors

Limoncello, as the name suggests, is super citrusy in flavor. But there is more to the profile for those paying attention. With each inhale, the crisp citrus overtones leave hints of lemon and cherry flavor in your mouth.

As the smoke exits, you can taste a deep sour undercurrent tingling your taste buds. More astute users have reported a range of citrus flavors on the exhale. 

The head-to-toe smooth hit of this award-winning strain makes it perfect for any time of day. With Limoncello’s well-balanced traits, you can enjoy it both as a mood booster and a reliable relaxant. Find similar seeds in our shop.

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Limoncello Adverse Reactions

Consumers prone to anxiety may want to stay away from the Limoncello strain. The weed is known to amp up a person’s energy levels, including nervous energy. So, what can you do if you find yourself feeling a little jumpy after a few tokes of Limoncello? A cold shower or a hot cup of joe should help tone down the effects.

In rare cases, users have complained about not being able to sleep hours after consuming this marijuana hybrid. Limoncello might make you feel mellow, but it is not a good strain for promoting sleep. Some light exercise, such as a swim or a jog, can help you relax until the effects wear off.

Smoking this strain does tend to make you feel hungry and thirsty. These effects aren’t specific to this hybrid, as many marijuana strains tend to produce these effects. Remember to have a large bottle of water, some pizza, or a bag of chips handy. That should keep a check on issues like hunger pangs, thirst, and dry mouth.

Growing Limoncello Strain

Limoncello seeds are somewhat hard to find, and you won’t find much information on growing this strain. However, if you manage to procure some seeds, it will be a fairly moderate task to grow them.  They will likely be regular (photoperiod seeds), so it always helps if you have worked with photoperiod type strains before.

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During the vegetation period, Limoncello plants grow to be quite tall. They also produce plenty of side branches. The leaves are thin, like those seen in Sativa varieties. You can grow these plants both indoors and outdoors, but ideally, you’d use an outdoor greenhouse so you can create an ideal environment and plenty of space. It’s a tall plant that typically resembles a Christmas tree at maturity, so it may not work well in cramped spaces when growing indoors. If you plan to keep it indoors, try some low-stress training, and regular pruning to control the plant’s height for better management.

Be it the main cola or additional side branches, you’re likely to see a plant packed with buds. The nearly cylindrical buds have a compact shape, although the plant can get quite large. You’ll notice yellow and amber hairs across the buds’ body and a thick coat of resin covering those dark brown and orange pistils. These cloudy white trichomes are what give Limoncello its well-loved potency.

Growing Limoncello Strain
Growing Limoncello Strain


Limoncello strain seeds have a flowering time indoors of about 9 to 10 weeks. Many growers report high yields from this strain.


Experienced growers could grow this strain indoors with some training. Expect yields of at least an ounce. 


This strain is best grown in a controlled environment with plenty of space. Flowering time outdoors is around early October. Expect a high outdoor yield. 

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  1. The Original Lemonade
  2. Cherry Pie

FAQs About Limoncello Strain

What is the Limoncello strain yield?

Limoncello Strain produces about a pound per plant indoors, while you can expect a generally high yield if you grow it outdoors.

How much THC does Limoncello have?

It contains between 14% to 18% THC.

What are the origins of the Limoncello strain?

Limoncello Strain was created from The Original Lemonade and Cherry Pie.

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