Lemon Tree Strain

Want to try a perfectly balanced hybrid strain? Give Lemon Tree a shot. Also known as Lemon Tree OG in certain circles, this marijuana is a 50% Sativa/ 50% indica blend of uplifted relaxation with a lemony scent. The aroma isn’t the only reason for its name, either. Its nugs and flavor also bear a close resemblance to lemons. 

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
50%/50% 3 – 6 ounces per square foot. up to 16 ounces per plant 7-9 weeks indoors, September outdoors

First bred by a group of growers from Santa Cruz, Lemon Tree is the result of crossing two iconic cannabis lineages. The first is Lemon Skunk, a hybrid itself that’s well known for a citric bite. The other parent, Sour Diesel, is a sativa-leaning strain with a characteristic fuel aroma and invigorating mental high. As a result, Lemon Tree reserves the best of both parents. It is no wonder she won first place in the San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup and 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup. 

Lemon Tree has an average THC of 16-19% – the highest had close to 25%. It has minimal CBD if any. In terms of effects, Lemon Tree delivers a buzz that fills you with happy thoughts and invigorates the body and mind without leaving you heavily sedated. 

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At A Glance

ORIGIN Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel
Hunger pangs
FRAGRANCE Zesty, pungent, lemon, fruity, earthy, pine
FLAVORS Lemony, diesel, earthy, peppery
FLOWERING TIME 7-9 weeks indoors, September outdoors
THC CONTENT % 16%-25%
INDICA / SATIVA % 50%/50%
INDOOR YIELD 3 to 6 ounces per square foot
OUTDOOR YIELD 16 ounces per plant

Lemon Tree offers an all-too-relatable high and a relaxing comedown, as you would expect from a perfect 50/50 hybrid. The high feels like a caffeine rush that hits after just a few puffs. It’s relaxing but won’t knock you out—instead, there’s a motivating effect on the mind, leaving you with a heightened sense of clarity. The buzz then spreads all over your body, leaving you profoundly relaxed. 

The dominant terpenes in this strain include myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene. They are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This terpene blend causes many to seek out Lemon Tree seeds for fast pain relief sans the couch-lock. Similarly, its euphoric effects are excellent at improving moods. 

Lemon Tree Strain Fragrance  

The flowers on Lemon Tree give off a zesty, pungent, sliced lemony smell on the first whiff. But there is more. Under all of that fruitiness is a good deal of wet earth and sweet pine. 

When taken out of the bag, the nugs produce a sweet and sour aroma with a swirling tropical funk that many find enticing. Grind the buds, and they emit a pucker-worthy pungency that is characteristic of the Pink Lemonade strain

Lemon Tree Strain Flavors  

The award-winning hybrid has a prominent lemony zest, accompanied by a strong diesel flavor. This shouldn’t be surprising, though, as Lemon Tree takes after her parents, Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel. On the exhale, you’ll notice an earthy and peppery punch. 

The zesty and fruity flavor profile along with its mood-lifting and calming properties make Lemon Tree a well-loved hybrid strain. Find seeds with similar traits in our shop.

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Adverse Reactions  

Despite all its wins, Lemon Tree may exhibit negative effects for some. Take, for instance, the aroma. Lemon Tree’s zesty nature, along with her fuel-like notes, can be a turn-off for some people. 

Headaches and dizziness are other possible side effects. These problems generally occur when you forget to hydrate before or during sessions. Things may also get interesting if you ignore how much you’re consuming. If you are new to marijuana, Lemon Tree’s effects can creep up on you. You may feel dizzy, or in rare cases, a little anxious after a couple of tokes. The trick, therefore, is to start small, take your time between puffs, and enjoy the process. 

Lemon Tree, like many other cannabis strains, can also induce hunger. So, if you’re planning to hang out with friends (or even just on your own), make sure you have plenty of food around. 

Growing Lemon Tree Strain  

Lemon Tree strain seeds are considered easy to grow, but they will require some care.  They are medium-sized plants that grow between 30-80 inches tall, depending on their environment. This strain grows well both indoors and outdoors; however, it’s best kept in a greenhouse when grown outdoors. Indoors, Lemon Tree does just as well in organic soil as it does in hydroponics. Some indoor growers have enjoyed a generous  Lemon Tree strain yield by using SOG and SCROG gardening techniques. 

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Those wishing to grow this hybrid strain indoors should be ready to train their plants during the start of their vegetative cycle. This includes staking your plants for stability as well as low-stress training. You may also try topping them from time to time to encourage lateral growth, as they can get quite tall. 

Once you reach the flowering stage, the iconic nugs appear. Lemon Tree’s dark olive green buds are round and dense. A thick coating of white trichomes and furry amber hair cover the exterior. These trichomes are the secret to this hybrid’s feel-good effects.  


Lemon Tree strain flowering time indoors is 7-9 weeks, depending on the phenotype. These plants prefer a tropical climate when grown outdoors. That in no way means you can’t grow Lemon Tree strain seeds in relatively colder climates. Be prepared, however, for an extended flowering period


Under ideal temperature, lighting, and humidity, you can expect Lemon Tree strain yield between 3 to 6 ounces per square foot. 


In warmer climates, your plants should begin flowering by September. However, Lemon Tree strain flowering time outdoors under lower temperatures can go into late October. Outdoor yields can reach up to 16 ounces per plant. 

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  1. Lemon Skunk
  2. Sour Diesel

FAQs About Lemon Tree Strain

What is the Lemon Tree strain yield?

If grown indoors, you can expect to harvest around 3 to 6 ounces per square foot of Lemon Tree buds, while outdoor yields can reach up to 16 ounces per plant.

How much THC does Lemon Tree have?

It has average THC levels of 16-19%, with the highest reaching 25%.

What are the origins of the Lemon Tree strain?

Lemon Tree was created by crossing Lemon Skunk with Sour Diesel.

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