Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that’s famous for its flavor and effects.  This strain is typically 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, but these percentages can vary by breeder. Lemon meringue marijuana was initially created by Exotic Genetix as a cross between Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream strains.  Lemon Skunk provides a zesty, peppery aroma while Cookies and Cream give it its smooth, buttery effect. There is also a similar version, Lemon Meringue OG, made from Cherry Pie and Super Lemon Haze. This strain earns its name from the pie-like flavors and aromas that it gives off.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
70% / 30% 32oz / m2 Unknown 8 – 9 weeks indoors, early October outdoors

It also has some powerful effects. Lemon Meringue has THC levels that vary from 21% to 28%. This makes it more potent than the average strain and probably best left to experienced smokers.

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Information about Lemon Meringue:

ORIGIN Lemon Skunk X Cookies and Cream
EFFECTS Energetic, euphoric, relaxed, uplifted
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) Dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, and restlessness
FRAGRANCE Fruity, herbal, spicy, minty, pine-scented, citrus
FLAVORS Lemon, citrus, sweet
MEDICAL Depression, stress, nausea, cramps
FLOWERING TIME INDOORS Eight to nine weeks
THC CONTENT % 21% – 28%
CBD % < 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 30% / 70%
INDOOR YIELD 32oz / m2
CLIMATE Sunny between 70 and 80 Fahrenheit


The effects of this strain hit rather quickly while also producing a smooth high. Due to its dominant Sativa profile, this strain makes you feel energetic and euphoric, while its Indica characteristics help lower the chance of anxiety or paranoia by providing an overall feeling of calm. Most say this “lemon meringue pie strain” leaves them feeling relaxed, uplifted, and ready for a fun-filled afternoon with friends. It’s also a good strain for a daily wake-and-bake ritual.

Unlike a heavy-bodied purp strain, Lemon Meringue motivates and energizes, putting you in the right frame of mind to find even the most mundane tasks interesting- thus making you more productive. This weed strain is associated with surges of creativity and mental acuity and would be ideal for an afternoon spent making music or painting. The deep, cerebral high that comes along with this cannabis strain is long-lasting.


When it comes to aromas, this hybrid strain is loaded with terpenes. One of these, terpinolene, is also found in apples, nutmeg, and lilacs. It is responsible for the strain’s fruity, herbal aroma. Caryophyllene gives the plant a strong spicy and peppery smell, while pinene creates a minty, pine-scented flavor commonly found in rosemary and other minty herbs. Collectively, these terpenes produce a potent blend of fruity and citrus aromas that make this strain a joy to smoke.


This wonderfully scented weed strain also has delightful flavors. When cured and dried well, you can detect creamy undertones beneath the citrus, complemented by an underlying nutty effect, similar to lemon meringue pie.  When smoked, it produces a satisfyingly pungent smell that changes into a sour, dense smoke when lit. For some, this strain may cause a coughing fit; however, afterward you’re left with a sweet lemon aftertaste on your tongue.

Adverse Reactions

Because of how potent this marijuana strain is, combined with its Sativa dominant profile, Lemon Meringue can cause dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, and restlessness. This, of course, depends on your tolerance and sensitivity to Sativa strains. Starting with smaller amounts can help prevent these effects. You may also experience dry eyes and mouth.


Lemon meringue marijuana tastes great, but also has some therapeutic benefits. Because its Sativa characteristics promote mental acuity, it is an excellent strain for improving focus. It is also ideal for mood imbalances such as depression due to its euphoric and uplifting high. Many people also use this strain to combat everyday stress.

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When it comes to using Lemon Meringue strain for nausea, it’s probably not the best. Although there are plenty of reports of it being used for pain management, it simply does not have enough Indica characteristics to stimulate appetite or soothe nausea. However, the strain’s terpene profile (specifically Caryophyllene) may include anti-inflammatory properties, which could lessen the severity of cramps and other common physical discomforts.


Lemon Meringue is considered moderately easy to grow because it is resistant to most molds, pests and diseases. However, it can suffer from Nitrogen deficiency. Actual yields will vary, but most say you can expect plenty of potent buds when it is time to harvest. It does well in both indoor and outdoor setups.

This strain has grow characteristics that are typical for a Sativa. It can grow taller than 7feet, and once it flowers, it will produce buds with fiery, orange hairs and prominent crystals. Growers should be prepared to either prune or provide plenty of space. Techniques such as topping are ideal for this strain.

When grown outdoors, Lemon meringue prefers a humid, Mediterranean-like climate and lots of sunlight. If grown indoors, you should keep the temperature between 70 and 80 degrees for the highest yield. Consider including nitrogen supplements during the vegetative stage for the highest yield.



When cultivated indoors, Lemon Meringue has a flowering time of as little as eight to nine weeks. Yields may exceed 3oz per square foot.


If you can provide the ideal temperature and humidity levels, this strain can thrive outdoors and provide similar yields.  Both lemon meringue strain parents, Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream, harvest in early October, therefore the same is likely true about this strain.


  1. Lemon Skunk
  2. Cookies and Cream

FAQ About Lemon Meringue Strain

What is the Lemon Meringue strain indoor yield?

Lemon Meringue has a generous yield of around 32oz / m2 indoors.

How much THC does Lemon Meringue have?

From 21% up to 28%

What are the origins of the Lemon Meringue strain?

Lemon Meringue was created from a cross between Lemon Skunk + Cookies and Cream strains.

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