Legal loophole allows Madison businesses to sell marijuana-like drug Delta-8 THC

The wonderfully named Badger Herald reports..

‘It’s painfully obvious that we’re the only state in our region that hasn’t legalized medicinal marijuana, so it makes sense that there’s this huge market for delta-8,’ District 4 alder says

From head shops to grocery stores, many Madison businesses have found recent success selling delta-8-hemp — a substance found in small quantities in cannabis plants.

Unlike marijuana, whose main psychoactive component is delta-8-THC, delta-8 is legal to purchase in Wisconsin. The U.S. Senate passed the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp and cannabis derivatives with low concentrations of delta-8-THC, according to the FDA.

Despite the difference in legal status, the effects of consuming delta-8 are similar to traditional marijuana, according to Justin Hennings, the warehouse manager of local Madison head shop KnuckleHeads.

District 4 Ald. Mike Verveer said delta-8 occupies a legal gray area, meaning the product is largely unregulated. If there will be regulations on delta-8, it will come from the state government — not the city government, Verveer said.

The regulations could either be written by the Wisconsin legislature or come from other agencies such as the FDA and the Wisconsin Department of Agricultural Trade and Consumer Protection.

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