Lava Cake Strain

Dessert lovers everywhere, rejoice: the decadent treat known as lava cake is now a delicious strain of weed. The Lava Cake cannabis strain is an indica-dominant strain with a relaxing, uplifting head high for the end of the day. The body buzz is an easy, chill relaxation, without a sense of sedation, so you can relax with friends without dozing off.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
30% / 70% 10 – 16 ounces per square meter 14 – 18 ounces per plant 9 weeks indoors, early October outdoors.

The Lava Cake strain is a Cannarado Genetics creation, resulting from a delicious blend of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Grape Pie. It’s a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid that’s great for helping unwind at the end of the day. THC content is usually moderately high, measuring between 15% and 18%.

Because of
its well-balanced traits, Lava Cake is a delicious choice for therapeutic use.
The THC levels, combined with the relaxing effects, help with chronic pain,
stress, and anxiety. In particular, the creative and uplifting head high blends
with the muscle-relaxing body buzz to help ease stress, pain, and worries.

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Information about Lava Cake:

ORIGIN Thin Mint GSC X Grape Pie
EFFECTS mental stamina, creative, chill, relaxed
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) dry mouth and eyes, paranoia
FRAGRANCE pine, nuts, minty
FLAVORS nutty, chocolate
MEDICAL chronic pain, PTSD, depression, OCD, chronic stress
PLANT HEIGHT 5 – 7 feet
THC CONTENT % 15% – 18%
CBD % < 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 70% / 30%
INDOOR YIELD 10 – 16 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 14 – 18 ounces per plant
CLIMATE Sunny and warm weather


Lava Cake Strain Effects

It’s easy
to tell when Lava Cake weed starts to kick in. The head high begins as a buzz
of energy that quickly slips into the rest of the body. This effect is joined
by euphoria and mental stamina that evolves into a creative, chill kind of
introspection as the body buzz comes on. It never leads to sleepiness, making
it an excellent choice for long, chill evenings.

As the
body high builds, the Lava Cake strain helps users relax completely, both
mentally and physically. Muscles loosen, tensions ease, and aches and pains
fade away. The body buzz won’t keep you locked to the couch, but it won’t force
you to move, either. Instead, users remain awake and chill all night, perfect
for unwinding after a long day at work.


The first whiff of Lava Cake will make your mouth water. It’s a lightly fruity scent with hints of pine and nuts, like a delicious trail mix. The pine scent develops into a fresh, minty note that’s reminiscent of the Thin Mint GSC heritage.


When you first
taste Lava Cake weed, you’ll understand the name. The nutty, chocolate flavor
is rich and almost fruity. The exhale is where the mint comes out in force,
keeping the experience light and fresh.

Adverse reactions

As with many indica strains, some users report moderate dry mouth and eyes when smoking this strain. This can be mitigated by keeping eyedrops or a glass of water nearby. Beyond that, the biggest potential reactions are sleepiness and paranoia. Both go hand-in-hand with over-consumption or new users pushing their limits. By moderating use and understanding personal limits, it’s easy to keep the Lava Cake experience smooth, pleasant, and worry-free.


hybrids are ideal for therapeutic use, and Lava Cake is no exception. Its blend
of deep relaxation with just a pinch of sativa energy makes it helpful for
everything from chronic pain to stress.

When it comes to mental effects, the Lava Cake cannabis strain offers therapeutic benefits as well. The euphoria of the head high helps calm anxious thoughts, high heart rates, and unease. This same effect can help with PTSD, depression, or OCD by helping dismiss despair or gloom, replacing it with a gentle bliss.

Lava Cake
can also melt away chronic stress. Stress-causing worries are put into their perspective
and float away, letting the user focus on other things. Meanwhile, a body high
kicks in to relieve physical symptoms. The strain also relaxes the muscles,
helping to calm tension, headaches, and pain.

pain sufferers appreciate the anti-inflammatory properties of Lava Cake for
conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer pain, or fibromyalgia. Even
insomniacs will find Lava Cake helpful. While it doesn’t make users sleepy, it
does help mute the stresses and distractions that keep people awake. As the
high winds down, so do the users, and Lava Cake ushers them off to a restful


Growing the Lava Cake Strain

someone who’s already grown Lava Cake is tricky because this is a relatively
rare strain. However, those who have grown the lava cake strain say it is a
pleasant, indica-dominant strain to grow. The indica genes lead to a bushier
plant that thrives in lots of light. Plants are reported to reach five to seven
feet high, depending on the light exposure.

indica strains, Lava Cake included, respond very well to low-stress training.
They are bushy, to begin with, so it’s easy to use their natural traits to get
better harvests. Options like Screen of Green growing or trellising can help
spread out the bud sites for maximum light exposure. That will help boost
harvests to the absolute maximum the plant can provide.

We don’t currently sell Lava Cake seeds. Check out other indica dominant seeds in our marijuana seed bank.

Lollipopping your plants is also a great option to improve Lava Cake harvests. By trimming extra leaves toward the bottom of the branches helps keep airflow regular throughout the plant. This prevents pests and diseases from building a home in the heart of your harvest. In particular, powdery mildew and spider mites love the crowded, leafy interiors of indica plants. Lollipopping the stems will keep them from ruining your rare bud.

Flowering Time


you’re growing Lava Cake indoors, it’s generally a 9 week harvest period. Upon
harvest, look for high yields, between 10 and 16 ounces per square meter.


Northern hemisphere growers should look for Lava Cake to be ready for harvest in early October. It thrives in climates that keep warmer weather through the end of their lifespan. Look for 14-18 ounces per plant at the time of harvest.


  1. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
  2. Grape Pie

FAQ About Lava Cake Strain

What is the Lava Cake strain yield?

Lava Cake yields 10 – 16 ounces per square meter indoors and 14 – 18 ounces per plant outdoors.

How much THC does Lava Cake have?

From 15% up to 18%

What are the origins of the Lava Cake strain?

Lava Cake was created from a mix between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Grape Pie.

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