Last Prisoner Project: Former Attorney Daniel Muessig Sentenced To 60 Months In Prison For Cannabis Distribution

Yesterday, March 8th 2022, Daniel Muessig was sentenced to 60 months in prison, followed by 4 years supervised release, and a fine of $50,000. This was his first and only conviction.

As a Last Prisoner Project constituent, our staff will be working with Daniel to do everything within our power to right this injustice.

If you believe that no one should be in prison for a nonviolent, cannabis-related offense, share Daniel’s story with #FreeDanielMusseig.

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The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports

U.S. District Judge Arthur Schwab imposed the term, the mandatory minimum, along with a $50,000 fine and four years of probation.

U.S. District Judge Arthur Schwab

Muessig, 40, of Squirrel Hill, had enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame in 2014 with a YouTube ad touting his ability to “think like a criminal.”

The video — featuring some of his pals goofily pretending to be criminals and saying, “Thanks, Dan!” for his help in springing them — generated worldwide buzz at the time.


But it apparently was no boast because Muessig is indeed a criminal.

He pleaded guilty last year to conspiring to distribute 100 kilograms or more of marijuana and possession of marijuana following a 2019 investigation by an FBI task force.

Muessig admitted that his apartment on Covode Street was a stash house and base of operations for a major drug ring.

Federal agents identified Muessig as a marijuana supplier after a wiretap investigation in 2019 on a phone used by Chadlin Leavy, a drug dealer from Wilkins who supplied heroin and cocaine to the SCO gang in Braddock headed by Howard McFadden, of Turtle Creek.

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