Katie Podein Joins The Team At Californian Firm Clark Howell LLP

Here’s the CH announcement
We are thrilled to formally announce that Katie Podein has joined the firm! Katie is a whip-smart, deeply engaged attorney and MBA who has been guiding cannabis clients for several years. Katie knows this business inside and out. 
She works tirelessly — seriously, her energy and enthusiasm are unparalleled — for your best outcome. Practical, brilliant, delightful, and efficient. These are just a few of the superlatives that describe Katie on our team. Katie is based in Los Angeles and works with our clients across the state. 
We hope you get to work with her soon. Check out more of her accomplishments and expertise here. Katie was also recently published in the Daily Journal with an analysis of the most recent cannabis rule changes in LA – check it out below!
Here’s her firm profile

Client advocacy is Katie Podein’s passion. Combining a background in cannabis business, municipal, and intellectual property law, Katie provides clients with an advantage by discovering new licensing and commercial opportunities utilizing her vast network of industry and government contacts. Katie helps clients grow strategically and compliantly.

Katie has been with the industry from the start of regulation when she began providing general counsel services to cannabis companies throughout the supply chain in 2015. She advises clients on all manner of operations from daily legal issues – compliance, contracts, intellectual property, litigation, and employment – to strategy for supply chain and corporate transactions. Moreover, Katie is a problem solver who has successfully negotiated resolution of pre-litigation partnership disputes, personal injury, and employment claims. 

Katie’s intellectual property background includes litigating infringement claims in federal and state court, structuring and negotiating licensing agreements, intellectual property settlement agreements, and USPTO Office Action responses. She counseled clients on trademark, copyright, and business entity formation, including the registration and protection of works.

Prior to focusing on the cannabis industry, Katie served as a deputy city attorney, advising city councils and planning commissions on land use, economic development, and tax allocation. Katie has drafted numerous city ordinances, regulations, and staff reports on local laws, litigation, and real estate development. This lends itself to Katie’s continued work with municipal and state agencies on cannabis and hemp laws, including the presentation of draft ordinances for cannabis licensing and regulation. Additionally, Katie applies this municipal law expertise to guide the firm’s clients with real estate acquisition, licensing, and compliance. Katie’s deep understanding of the laws and regulations allows cannabis businesses maximize their profits while avoiding the financial pitfalls of a heavily regulated industry. 

Katie’s respect for cannabis entrepreneurs and experience understanding the problems and opportunities they face is evident by her personalized legal services. From fielding daily compliance questions to big picture thinking, Katie offers strategic, tailored solutions to a wide range of client needs.