Jonathan Miller Of Frost Brown Todd To Host Hemp Law Podcast

Jonathan writes…...I like to joke that because I resumed practicing law after a two-decade sabbatical in politics, I had to invent a whole new legal regime in order to be an attorney.  So while you wouldn’t want me writing your will, my eight years in the trenches advocating for hemp legalization and helping to draft state and federal laws and regulations puts me a pretty good position to provide counsel to hemp and CBD companies.

That’s why I’m excited to debut my new podcast: “Hemp Legally Speaking,” a fun and enlightening look at the laws, policies, regulations and culture of hemp and hemp products like CBD.  Each week, I’ll have a 20 minute conversation with an expert on an emerging area of hemp law, in which we will discuss and debate some of the biggest challenges and controversies of the area.

My first guest is my Frost Brown Todd colleague, Nolan Jackson, a national expert on state laws and regulations, and we tackle today’s hottest industry topic: Delta-8 THC.  You can find intoxicating D8 products in vape shops and convenience stores across the country, but are they legal?  And what does the debate mean for the future of non-intoxicating hemp products, such as CBD?

Please join us, and if you are so inclined, please “subscribe” to the podcast — in all the usual podcast formats — to keep up with the ever-evolving industry.

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Jonathan Miller
Member-in-Charge, Frost Brown Todd, Washington, DC
General Counsel, U.S. Hemp Roundtable