Heather Burke principal at Origin Law presentation on cannabis appellations in California

We’ve read over the years how California wishes to develop the cannabis appellation concept to mirror the wine industry but there’s been little analysis of the subject from a legal perspective.

Heather Burke to the rescue.

She is presenting at the Nevada County Law Library(CA) tmmrw on the subject and has kindly given us permission to re-publish her slides.

This is the most exhaustive coverage / investigation into how processes might work and if you are in the CA cannabis industry this is more than a just read, we’d say an imperative read.

Heather writes…….

“Cannabis Appellations yet,” but they will, as the State of California is working under a tight statutory mandate to allow licensed cannabis farmers to establish special geographic regions for the cultivation of cannabis similar to the wine regions of the Napa Valley or Bordeaux, France, by January 1, 2021. 

The program has the potential to be a historic boon for rural areas supported by cannabis agriculture and we’re excited about it!  

Please come out to my presentation tomorrow to hear more about the Cannabis Appellation program. Its a quick presentation (just one hour) and the proceeds benefit the Nevada County Law Library.

California Cannabis Appellations

Presentation  Nevada City  (CA)
January 21, 2020, from 12 noon to 1 :00 pm 
(*arrive at 11:45 to check in)
201 Church Street (inside the courthouse)
Nevada City, CA 95959
$15 for public / $30 for attorneys
The Presentation