Greenlight Law Group Relocates Head Office To Downtown Portland (OR)

Here’s the release they just sent out and their reasons for doing so are very well put.

Green Light Law Group Relocates Flagship Office to Downtown Portland
We are pleased to announce that Green Light Law Group has established its flagship office in the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Portland, Oregon.
Please note our new address as of November 1, 2021:
Green Light Law Group
1300 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 3600
Portland, Oregon 97201
Our move back to Downtown Portland is done with intention. The problems of homelessness and political violence are not unique to Portland; instead, they are the most pressing issues in every major city in America. While other businesses are choosing to relocate away from downtown or leave Portland altogether, our commitment to this city and to Oregon’s cannabis and emerging psychedelics industries has never been stronger. Together with other Portland business leaders, we feel now is the crucial moment to show our support through an intentional investment in a substantial downtown office space.
And because we have a lot of office at the new space – more than we need for our law firm, in fact – we have some exciting plans in the works. Among other things, we are redoubling our efforts to support and shape policy discussions on federal marijuana legalization, as well as the discussion around the wider legalization of psilocybin and other therapeutic substances. We are excited to continue to provide a high level of support for our clients and community, and hope to inspire and support further efforts toward an equitable future for our industry, society, and ecosystem.
We see a bright future for Portland, and we strive to be part of the tide that will revitalize our great city. Thank you for choosing Green Light Law Group and we hope to see you at our new headquarters soon.