Grape Pie Strain

Fruit fans rejoice: Grape Pie is your new favorite strain. It’s a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid that’s fruity, intense, and delicious. The quick, heady euphoria of the head buzz is there to help you kick back on the couch for the entire night. The body high, on the other hand, will help keep you grounded and aware, but at ease. The result is a balanced indica experience that won’t put you to sleep before the night is through.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
30% / 70% 10-12 ounces per square meter 12-16 ounces per plant 9 to 10 weeks indoors, early to mid-October outdoors

The Grape Pie strain was developed by Cannarado Genetics, coming from a cross of the famous Cherry Pie and Gage Green’s Grape Stomper. The resulting fruity strain is super powerful. THC levels can reach 22% and average at about 18%. Experienced users can expect great times if they get their hands this tasty strain.

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Grape Pie weed has plenty of fans, and not just for recreational use; there are therapeutic applications for this strain as well. The high THC levels help those with hard-to-kick symptoms find relief. It’s equally effective at helping sufferers of depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain and stress.

Information About the Grape Pie Strain

ORIGIN Cherry Pie X Grape Stomper
EFFECTS deeply relaxing, body buzz, euphoric
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) dry mouth and dry eyes, anxiety, dizziness
FRAGRANCE grape, herbal, spice
FLAVORS sugary, nutty, herbal
MEDICAL depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic stress
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS early to mid-October
THC CONTENT % 11%-22%
CBD % < 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 70% / 30%
INDOOR YIELD 10-12 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 12-16 ounces per plant
CLIMATE Mediterranean climates


You will definitely feel when Grape Pie weed starts to take effect. The first effects hit in just a few minutes, with a euphoric rush that pours in from every direction. The euphoria settles into a relaxing bliss that’s perfect for putting up your feet and chilling for the night. There’s no sedation or sleepiness, so it’s great for watching TV or hanging out with friends.

The body buzz follows right after the euphoric feelings. The Grape Pie strain begins with a gentle tingle that expands from the back of your neck. From there, it fills the rest of the body all the way to the hands and feet. It’s a deeply relaxing body high, but it won’t cause you to feel sleepy. Don’t expect to go anywhere fast; however, you’ll be so comfy that it will be challenging to feel motivated to care. Prepare with some snacks and stuff to watch, and it’s guaranteed to be a good night.


Grape Pie features heavy notes of grape juice balanced with an herbal, earthy scent. Hints of sugar and spice remain long after the other scents have faded away, reminding everyone nearby of this delicious strain.


The fruity, berry flavors of Grape Pie weed are seriously intense. There’s a sugary note that’s hard to miss. The exhale becomes a little more herby and nutty, helping to balance out the almost-candy taste.

Adverse reactions

Some users report that this strain causes a dry mouth and dry eyes. Keeping some water nearby can help keep that to a minimum. Inexperienced users may find this strain to be a bit overwhelming. Toking a little too much can lead to anxiety and a dizzy feeling. Take it slow with this strain, to help keep the experience pleasant.


While most strains that are high in THC have dedicated recreational fans, many are also used therapeutically. Grape Pie is no exception. Those with depression and anxiety find it helpful for reducing all sorts of symptoms. It’s hard to stay in a dark mood with Grape Pie lifting users into a euphoric state. Despair and anxious thoughts melt in the face of the uplifting effects of Grape Pie weed. That can also help people with insomnia, as users stop stressing and find sleep more easily.

People who suffer from PTSD, ADHD, and OCD all find it helpful, too. These disorders cause repetitive, distressing thoughts in many cases. The Grape Pie strain helps disrupt these thought patterns by distracting users and giving them something else to think about. Chronic stress is improved for the same reasons. Daily worries don’t seem as relevant when Grape Pie weed is a part of the story.  

Physical pain can also be calmed by Grape Pie. Cannabis has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties that work together to defeat many kinds of pain. In particular, Grape Pie’s high THC content can help with pain from tension headaches, migraines, and stress-induced soreness. It is also popular for cancer and injury pain since it can reduce inflammation at the site of the problems.


Growers who can get their hands on some Grape Pie seeds are in for a treat. It’s a relatively simple grow with just a few things to watch for. Grape Pie seeds and plants prefer stable conditions, so a climate with mild seasons or a greenhouse is best. Indoor growing guarantees results in every environment. If you want stronger touches of purple in your bud, don’t be afraid to let evenings get a little on the cool side. However, be careful not to expose your plants to temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

We don’t currently sell Grape Pie seeds. Check out other hybrid seeds in our marijuana seed bank.

Grape Pie weed is relatively easy to grow as long as the conditions remain stable. The indica heritage leads to a bushier plant that lends itself to low-stress training. Spread out the bud sites into an even canopy through Screen of Green growing or by tying down branches. The more light each bud site gets, the denser and larger they’ll be at harvest. The best Grape Pie strain info available says these plants prefer lower humidity levels. Keeping an eye on that will help ensure a stellar harvest.

Flowering Time


It’s easiest to grow Grape Pie indoors, where nutrients and conditions can be controlled. Plants are of medium-tall height, and they’re ready for harvest in 9 to 10 weeks. According to its parentage, Grape Pie should yield 10-12 ounces per square meter indoors.


In comfortable Mediterranean climates, Grape Pie can flourish outside. They should be ready for harvest by early to mid-October, and yields should average 12-16 ounces per plant depending on the training technique.


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FAQ About the Grape Pie Strain

What is the Grape Pie strain yield?

12-16 ounces per plant outdoor.

How much THC does Grape Pie have?

20-22% THC levels.

What are the origins of the Grape Pie strain?

Grape Stomper X Cherry Pie.

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