Georgia high court: Cannabis industry lawyers can be sanctioned

This issue is still in play in Georgia..

Lawyers who counsel companies in Georgia’s fledgling medical marijuana industry could face disciplinary sanctions under a recent decision by the state Supreme Court.

Even though the sale of medical marijuana oil has been legalized in Georgia, it is still a crime under federal law, the court said. The decision could create havoc in a highly regulated industry that relies on legal counsel.

Medical marijuana companies and their lawyers say they’ll overcome — or defy — the court’s order.

“I think this is going to become wallpaper,” said Sanford Posner, an attorney and co-founder of the Georgia Cannabis Trade Association. “I would be surprised if attorneys who practice in this area don’t print out this decision and hang it on their wall as a red badge of courage.”

Possible punishment for lawyers found to have violated the rules of professional conduct include reprimands, suspensions, even disbarment.