Document: Canada’s Opening Remarks for the General Debate of the 63rd Session of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs Presented by Michelle Boudreau

Presented March 2 2020 here is the English preeamble

As Members are aware, Canada continues to implement our strict regulatory framework for cannabis, as a domestic public health approach. We do not advocate for this approach as a solution for other States. This framework is comprised of four elements: strict access controls with an emphasis on preventing youth access, regulatory requirements and standards for the legal cannabis industry, extensive public education on the risks associated with cannabis use, and a comprehensive monitoring and surveillance program. It has now been nearly a year and a half since Canada put in place a new cannabis control framework. We committed to share data and I will highlight a few early observations:

Michelle Boudreau

Michelle Boudreau works as Director General, Controlled Substances Directorate for Health Canada.
Michelle can be reached at 613-960-2496

Title Director General, Controlled Substances Directorate
Telephone Number 613-960-2496
Department HC-SC Health Canada

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