Covid-19 Update

We know you are concerned about Covid-19. We are too.

Our Association is built on networking, interpersonal interaction, and in-person events. But in this uncertain time, we understand that keeping our members, our families, and our communities safe is the most important thing we can do.

So, over the next few weeks, you will see some changes.

Starting with our Appellations event on April 2, we will be moving to an entirely online format for our attendees. The CDC has recommended that events of 50 or more be eliminated for the next eight weeks, which would take us through mid-May. 

For all of our events through June, we will offer free transfer of tickets from in-person attendance to online capabilities. For now, we are continuing to offer both options – but will update in light of any health developments.

This requires some build-out of our online infrastructure, which will require an update to our fee structure. We look forward to continue serving you through this trying time, and we look forward to providing an increased number of webinars, online events, and other resources for your and your practice.