Champs Cannabis Show Has A Few Legal Issues

The moral of the story is don’t unwittingly give the Las Vegas district attorney an unauthorized product sample !

Cannatech today reports

July 28, 2021, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Cannabis culture and accessories trade show, Champs, was allegedly raided because a vendor participating in the event unwittingly gave the Las Vegas district attorney an unauthorized product sample. 

The following day, social media reports of the feds raiding the venue started cropping up. Various vendors began posting that the officers ordered the attendees to wait outside while they inspected the scene.

The Champs trade show is highly regarded as a decent show to attend if one is looking for “glass,” pipes, bongs, and other smoking accessories. Think of it like a conference center containing an enormous head shop with networking, advocacy, and education thrown in.

Trade Show Raided for Delta-8 THC

As a result of yesterday’s occurrence, plainclothes police officers (“undercovers”)  are walking the show floor today while its vendor booths are currently being searched for any Delta-8 THC and similarly prohibited products.

According to TheBlackListxyz’s Instagram page, the scenario unfolded when a vendor gave a prohibited, clandestine sample to the State’s Attorney General unknowingly. Providing samples to the show’s attendees is against the rules.  As a result, some vendors were asked to vacate the premises.

Big Mike, the founder of popular nutrient products for cannabis cultivators, Advanced Nutrients, posted the following on his Instagram:

New Laws Prohibit Delta-7,-8, and -10

Facebook user Dalton Gambino posted a screenshot regarding Nevada’s recent prohibition of Delta -7, -8, and -10 via bill SB49.

The SB49 bill amends previous cannabis legislation with an update stating:

(1) any commodity or product made using hemp which exceeds the maximum THC concentration established by the State Department of Agriculture; and (2) a product or commodity made from hemp and manufactured or sold by a cannabis establishment that exceeds the maximum THC concentration established by the Cannabis Compliance Board. Existing law defines THC as (1) delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol; (2) delta-8-tetrahydrocannibinol; and (3) the optical isomers of such substances. (NRS 453.139) Section 3.5 of this bill revises the definition of THC as (1) delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and any structural, optical, or geometric isomer thereof; (2) delta-8-tetrahydrocannibinol; (3) delta-7-tetrahydrocannibinol; and (4) delta-10-tetrahydrocannibinol. – is prohibited.

Cannabis community member Ben Owens posted videos of an organizer advising everyone at the event to ditch or hide their illicit stash of Delta-8 on Twitter. Additionally, no advertising or promotion of the cannabinoid is allowed on banners or booths.

Despite the interruption, the trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center was allowed to continue. The event is scheduled to wrap up on July 30, 2021.

The Nevada district attorney could not be reached for comment.