Best Strains for Socializing

As growers, we’re often surrounded by like-minded people and don’t worry about how weed affects our social lives. But some may rightfully worry that Marijuana doesn’t mix well with socializing outside of the cannabis scene. After all, it’s not always easy to carry on a coherent conversation when you’re high as a kite or fighting paranoia. 

You can still enjoy weed, it’s just important to remember that the right strain can help, rather than hinder, your social life. You just need to identify your best strains for socializing. This article includes a list of our favorites, as well as some advice on how to best enjoy them. 

Marijuana and Anxiety 

One of the best ways cannabis can help with socializing is by helping to combat social anxiety. Social anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders, and it can wreak havoc on the lives of those who suffer from it. Those with social anxiety live with intense anxiety or fear of being judged, negatively evaluated, or rejected in a social or performance situation. 

Some users report that Marijuana causes anxiety or panic attacks, and thus they avoid using it, which is a shame for those who might benefit from the right strain. For many, choosing the right strain to help with anxiety means understanding the differences between the effects of indica and sativa and of the two cannabinoids, THC and CBD

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More importantly, though, are the ratios of THC and CBD in your strain. With generally more psychoactive properties, THC’s ability to make the mind more active makes it the most likely source of weed-induced anxiety. On the other hand, CBD often provides a calming effect on the body that can lessen the physical symptoms tied to anxiety.

The differences between these two cannabinoids are the reason many prefer strains with a high CBD to THC ratio for managing anxiety. Since indica-dominant strains tend to favor this ratio, they often make the list. However, keep in mind, this is not a simple THC vs. CBD or sativa vs. indica discussion.

How to Choose Marijuana for Social Anxiety 

The hard part of choosing the best weed strain for social anxiety is that there are many causes of anxiety. For some people, the stress is anticipatory, meaning they experience it in anticipation of doing something new or going through something stressful, in which case a well-timed and calming strain could provide significant relief.  For others, anxiety is connected to depression, a lack of energy, or emotional pain. In that case, a high THC strain could provide the energy and euphoria they need to get over the hump. 

Luckily, THC’s potential negative effects, like elevated heart rate or racing thoughts, can be mitigated by CBD’s soothing effects. That’s why many find that a 1:1 or 2:1 THC to CBD ratio taken slowly is the most helpful. 

While balancing CBD and THC is important, these are not the only important compounds to consider when selecting an anxiety-reducing strain. Terpenes, the aromatic oils found in cannabis, are also quite relaxing.

Much like aromatherapy, choosing a strain with calming terpenes, like linalool (found in lavender), or beta-caryophyllene (found in black pepper and cinnamon), can help you to unwind. Limonene, on the other hand, is found in citrus fruit, which many already use to stimulate energy and feelings of euphoria. Thus, selecting a strain with the right terpenes can be just as important as one with the right CBD to THC ratio. 

But don’t worry, you won’t have to do all the research. We’ve collected the top 10 best strains for social anxiety! These strains tend to cause the happiest, most talkative highs without making you anxious, paranoid, or sleepy. 

The Best Weed Strains for Getting More Social

Cheese Strain

If you’re looking for an indica-dominant strain that will help take the edge off at the end of the day, Cheese is for you. This strain is a favorite for users with mood disorders or anyone looking to help manage feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and depression. This uplifting strain is an excellent choice for a euphoric high without the trip. 

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Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison is one of the best sativa strains for a night out, offering an energetic and uplifting high balanced with a clear and focused mind. Many find that Durban Poison helps them out of a funk just enough to get out there and socialize with friends. We recommend starting slow with this 20% THC strain. 

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White Widow Strain

White Widow has undoubtedly earned its place as the best strain for being social. This Indica-dominant hybrid is known for inspiring a happy, talkative high that leads to open-minded and energetic social experiences. Its high THC content (up to 19%) gives a long-lasting buzz but won’t lock you to the couch. 

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Haze Strain 

Haze is the perfect strain for partying and socializing, often transforming introverts into extroverts and helping those with social anxiety to get out of their head. This strain doesn’t have any negative social side effects like paranoia or sleepiness, but it can cause dizziness, so start slow. 

Papaya Strain

You’d never know Papaya is an indica strain, considering the happy, talkative, and energetic high it induces. There’s not a high chance of anxiety or paranoia with this strain, but you’ll be a bit hungry, so make sure your night out includes dinner plans! 

ACDC Strain

ACDC seems tailor-made for those suffering from Social Anxiety. It’s a sativa-dominant strain with a remarkably high CBD to THC ratio. Plus, its primary terpenes, myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, are well-documented for calming the anxious brain. Due to its high CBD: THC ratio, it leaves you feeling calm and centered without any disorientation. 

Jack Herer Strain

Jack Herer is sure to help you enjoy hitting the town. With helpful terpenes like caryophyllene and pinene and a warm, bright high, this might be the best weed strain for social anxiety. If you need a clear-headed, all-around happy high without tripping, Jack Herer is for you. 

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Girl Scout Cookies Strain

One of the best strains for sociability, right away you’ll notice the rush of euphoria and confidence Girl Scout Cookies gives. This is a top-shelf indica dominant strain with high THC levels (up to 28%) and a tendency to cause giggles. 

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Gelato Strain

Gelato is an excellent strain for more seasoned growers and users, with a high THC content that doesn’t mess around. This sweet, indica-dominant strain produces an anxiety-reducing high with euphoric and uplifting effects that make it perfect for a party. We do caution new users – this strain packs a real punch and should be used with moderation. 

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Wedding Cake Strain

As its name suggests, Wedding Cake is the perfect strain for a night of celebrating! You’ll feel the love with just one toke of this harmonious blend of indica and sativa traits. Wedding Cake gives just enough indica effect to take the edge off of social anxiety and provide a delightfully sociable high. 

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How to Enjoy Marijuana When You Have Anxiety 

In addition to choosing the right strain when you have anxiety, there are a few other things that you can do for the best experience.  

First, consume Marijuana in moderation, especially if you’re new to a strain and its effects. Starting slow is always wise and can help to reduce any unwanted side effects. 

Next, try to use Marijuana in familiar places and with people who make you feel safe. The last thing you need when you’re tempted toward anxiety is to be around a bunch of strangers in a place you don’t know. 

If you do start to feel badly after using weed, try to take note of that feeling. It can be helpful to acknowledge that what you’re feeling is anxiety or paranoia and that it may have been caused by the weed you used. This can help to ground you in reality and reduce feelings of panic. Then, take some deep breaths, which are helpful anytime you’re feeling anxiety. 

Next, try to take steps to snap out of it. Go outside for some fresh air or take a quick cold shower. Eat or drink something with calming terpenes, like orange, mango, or a cup of lavender tea. 

Finally, make a decision to calmly wait it out. It will pass. In the meantime, try listening to some calming music or watching a familiar and happy show. 

FAQs About the Best Strains for Socializing 

How do you calm a marijuana panic attack?

In addition to those listed above, the best trick is to have a CBD tincture handy. Take it immediately to ease the THC’s effects. Need some? We sell CBD oil in our store

When should you consume Marijuana for social anxiety?

The best time to use Marijuana for social anxiety is very dependent on how you consume it. However, in general,1-2 hours before a social event is a good rule.

Will low-anxiety strains make you sleepy?

Strains that help with anxiety will not necessarily make you sleepy. Many of the strains on our list of best strains for socializing tend to have energizing effects and very little sleepiness. 

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Have you ever grown any of these anxiety-reducing strains? Tell us in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Happy growing!


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