Best Blueberry Strains

When I think of summer, I picture long afternoons smoking a top-shelf strain of weed. Since there’s nothing quite like fresh blueberries to make it feel like summer, it makes perfect sense why you might want to combine the two. Blueberry weed strains are perfect to enjoy any time of the year.  If you’re interested in some true-blue bud, here are some of the best blueberry strains to grow.

The Original Blueberry

The original has set the standard for berry strains. Created in the 70s, the Blueberry marijuana strain is an indica dominant that delivers a euphoric high. It’s a blend of Afghani indica, Thai sativa, and Purple Thai sativa strains. The flavor is definitely a big draw, but the 16% THC level certainly doesn’t hurt. It has dense, fat, purple buds that look beautiful and smoke smoothly.

Blueberry is really easy to grow, especially when you use feminized Blueberry seeds. There’s also an autoflowering version of the blueberry cannabis strain, which further simplifies the growing process. Blueberry autoflowering seeds grow into plants with all the delicious flavor and beautiful colors of standard Blueberry; however, you don’t need to worry about controlling your plants’ exposure to light. Autoflower strains switch into flowering after about eight weeks, no matter what.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese Strain Growing
Blue Cheese Strain Growing – Image powered by

The Blue Cheese strain is a delicious 80/20 indica dominant hybrid strain.  This decadent strain is the result of crossing the classic Blueberry marijuana strain with the Skunk #1 phenotype, UK Cheese. The result is a creamy, sweet scent and flavor that reminds some people of rich cheesecake.

These seeds are feminized, so there are no males to waste your resources. On top of that, Blue Cheese is one of the hardiest marijuana strains Blueberry has spawned. It’s excellent at resisting molds and other infections. It’s also easy to grow outside. Since it’s a Blueberry strain, cool evenings just bring out the colors even more strongly. Keeping things dry and cool will lead you to a gorgeous and tasty harvest in just eight weeks.

Blue Haze

Blueberry Haze Growing
Blueberry Haze Growing

Blue Haze switches things up as an 80/20 sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It’s a peppy and energetic Blueberry sativa with THC levels that average around 20% but can reach as high as 24% in the right conditions. Its parents, Blueberry and Haze, have combined for a sweet, smooth smoke that will get you high and keep you there.

When it comes time to grow, it’s definitely a sativa strain. It tends to grow tall and fast, but its height leads to a slightly longer time to harvest. Luckily, after 10 weeks, the yield averages about 16 ounces per square meter. Growing the strain inside lets you monitor humidity levels and growing conditions. As long as you watch for pests, you’ll have a delicious and high-powered smoke in the end.

Blue Dream

Blueberry Dream Effects
Blueberry Dream Effects – Image powered by

This is another great daytime option for those seeking a Blueberry sativa. Unlike Blue Haze, this strain has a real West Coast vibe, that leads to a mellow head high. Blue Dream is a blend of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, which explain its dreamy name.  Its THC levels can exceed 20%, so the high is both energetic and long-lasting.

As long as you grow indoors, you can’t go wrong with Blue Dream. Growing inside helps keep the strain away from pests that are attracted to the strain’s sweetness. It also grows like a dream (pun intended), in sunny, dry climates. In nine weeks, you can look forward to an indoor yield of up to 20 ounces per square meter. There aren’t many strains that can manage both sky-high THC levels and that kind of yield.

Blueberry CBD

Blueberry Dream Medical

Sometimes, THC isn’t what you’re after. When that’s the case, Blueberry CBD is there for you. This potent strain is perfect for therapeutic use. THC levels are typically under 1%, while CBD levels can reach as high as 16%. Meanwhile, this strain has all the delicious blueberry flavor of the original blueberry weed strains.

Blueberry CBD is a breeze to grow indoors. It’s a tall strain that can provide a lot of volume at harvest. If you keep the pests away, you can see anywhere from 18 to 25 ounces per square meter after just nine weeks. There are very few high CBD strains that can match that kind of production.

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No matter what kind of cannabis experience you seek, there’s a Blueberry strain for you. Of all the marijuana strains, Blueberry is a versatile family with something for everyone. If you ready to grow this tasty berry strain, start by downloading my Marijuana Grow Bible. In it, I’ve included plenty of expert advice for growing, potent, sweet-smelling berry strains, such as the Blueberry cannabis strain and all of its descendants.  Of course, if you are looking to purchase any of these seeds, you can find them in my seedshop.

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