Banana Punch Strain

If you’re longing for summer, look no further than the Banana Punch strain. As the name implies, this strain packs a punch that’s perfect for experienced users. With a head high that’s known for its cool and calming effects, it’s great for unwinding after a long day. The body high only adds to the experience, with users reporting a relaxed, pain-free buzz all night long.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
30% sativa / 70% indica 14 ounces / m2 16+ ounces / plant 7 – 8 weeks

The Banana Punch strain, also known as Banana 9, is a powerhouse combo of two famous strains: Purple Punch and Banana OG. Symbiotic Genetics bred the strain for the impressive, delicious flavor that’s only matched by the heavy-hitting THC content. It’s a hybrid that leans into its indica heritage, and it can produce THC levels between 18 and 22% on average.

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Like many indica strains, Banana Punch weed is well-loved for therapeutic use. The relaxing effects help users manage chronic conditions, including pain and mental health disorders. Some judicious use of some Pineapple Punch weed can help users find relief from a wide variety of symptoms.

Information About the Peanut Butter Breath Strain

ORIGIN Purple Punch and Banana OG
EFFECTS Relaxing head high
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) Dry eyes and cottonmouth
FRAGRANCE Sweet, fruity, and tropical
FLAVORS Berries, pineapple, and banana
MEDICAL Relieves anxiety
PLANT HEIGHT 10 feet tall
THC CONTENT % Up to 22%
CBD % 0.5%
INDICA / SATIVA % 70% / 30%
INDOOR YIELD 14 oz / m2
OUTDOOR YIELD 16 or more ounces per plant
CLIMATE 20 – 26°C


banana punch strain effects

There’s no waiting for the effects of Banana Punch to kick in. The buzz builds over time into a genuinely relaxing head high. The buzz tingles forward from the back of the neck, melting forward through the rest of the body. A blissful serenity follows, letting users relax fully into the embrace of the buzz. Any worries or stress disappear for as long as the buzz lasts – which is several hours.

The body high matches the head high in most ways. It’s relaxing, tingly, and a great way to unwind. As tingling moves through the body, all the way to the tips of the toes, muscles unclench, and pain disappears. Banana Punch weed is perfect for helping you melt into the couch after a long day.


Banana Punch’s scent has been described many ways – some say its like fruity Mentos, tangy Smarties, or flavorful banana Starburst. It’s sweet, fruity, and tropical, with just a hint of baked goods and tart grape Kool-Aid.


The flavor of Banana Punch definitely follows through on its scent. This dessert strain tastes like tart berries, pineapple, and banana – a delicious tropical smoothie of an experience. The tropical taste is so noticeable, that some jokingly call it banana pineapple punch weed.  The baked-goods taste continues on the exhale, with just a hint of pine to follow.

Adverse reactions

With a dense smoke like this, some users report dry eyes and cottonmouth. This is not a beginner strain. Banana Punch can sneak up on users who get excited and toke a little more than they intended to. For most users, signs of overindulgence include sleepiness and a mild sense of anxiety. By pacing the dosage and remembering how potent this strain is, it’s easy to keep the experience chill.


It’s easy to spot the recreational aspects of Banana Punch, but therapeutically, it’s no slouch either. This high-powered strain is excellent for helping symptoms that are difficult to treat.

The completely relaxed head high is a perfect choice for relieving anxiety. Worries and fears don’t seem like as much of a problem when the Banana Punch strain is in play. The doom and gloom of depression melt away in the face of the serenity it provides.

There’s more to the mental benefits, too. Problems like ADHD, OCD, and PTSD are characterized by distressing and repetitive thoughts. These kinds of thoughts are no match for Banana Punch’s relaxation. Chronic stress can dissipate the same way because all the problems of daily life just seem less important.

Physical symptoms are just as easily minimized with this strain. Plenty of users recommend Banana Punch weed for its ability to numb the aches and pains that come from chronic stress. Muscle tension unwinds as the whole body relaxes. Even insomnia sees some improvement with some Banana Punch. The body and head high lead to the perfect conditions for a user to drift calmly off to sleep and wake up refreshed.


growing the banana punch strain

Banana Punch is a strain that’s perfect for indoor growing. It provides big yields, and it’s relatively easy to grow. As long as you care for it, it will provide the kind of trichome-heavy harvest growers can usually only dream of.

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Growers report that it grows beautifully in warm, bright, dry conditions. Keep humidity below 60%, and your plants will thrive. Expect heights of about five feet by harvest, which is the perfect size for Screen of Green growing. Spreading out its indica-style branches helps maintain its quick growth period. It also helps expose as many bud sites to light as possible. That will bump up the harvest to truly epic proportions.

If you do decide to grow weed plants outside, watch out for humidity problems. Some outdoor plants suffer from mildew or even rot if the conditions get too wet. If you can keep things dry and warm, your plants should thrive. Otherwise, growing inside will work better.

Flowering Time


Indoor grows are the best option for Banana Punch in most climates. It’s ready for harvest in seven or eight weeks. Expect yields of about 14 ounces per square meter with bright lights and low humidity.


Northern hemisphere growers should expect their harvest to be ready in late September. It’s great for growing in dryer places that aren’t normally the best choice for cannabis. With proper sun-drenched and dry conditions, growers can see 16 or more ounces of bud per plant when grown outside.


  1. Banana OG
  2. Purple Punch

FAQ About the Banana Punch Strain

What is the Banana Punch strain yield?

Banana Punch yields about 14 ounces per square meter with bright lights and low humidity.

How much THC does Banana Punch have?

18 to 22% THC

What are the origins of the Banana Punch strain?

Banana Punch strain is a mix of Purple Punch and Banana OG

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