Article: Jonathan Wall Case: Judge Bans All Legalization Arguments From Upcoming Cannabis Trafficking Trial

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When Jonathan Wall’s federal cannabis-trafficking trial begins next week in Baltimore, there will be no discussion of the fact that cannabis is now legal in 18 states and counting.

That’s the order from U.S. District Judge Stephanie Gallagher, who on Tuesday approved a pretrial motion by prosecutors calling for the court to bar any discussion of the ongoing cannabis legalization movement across the United States. The Justice Department filed the motion late last week, requesting that the U.S. District Court of Maryland preclude Wall’s defense team “from asking questions, presenting evidence, or making arguments regarding the way the law in other jurisdictions treats marijuana.”

“Marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance and under federal law, it is [a] crime to conspire with others to distribute or possess with the intent to distribute marijuana,” prosecutors wrote in their motion. “The fact that other jurisdictions have legalized marijuana, decriminalized marijuana, are considering decriminalization of certain quantities of marijuana, or have declined to prosecute individuals for crimes involving marijuana, is not relevant to the issues at this trial.”

The motion adds that “evidence and argument of this sort is not relevant and should be excluded from this trial.”

Wall’s case has attracted national attention. It was recently publicized in a Washington Post ad that asked, “Who will be the last person incarcerated for marijuana in the United States?” The Maryland native was indicted by a grand jury in 2019 for allegedly moving more than 1,000 kilos of weed cross-country over two years, from California to his home state.

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Jonathan Wall Case: Judge Bans All Legalization Arguments From Upcoming Weed Trafficking Trial