Arkansas: Medical Cannabis Card Holder Sues Over Job Loss

Arkansas Business reports…

A medical marijuana card holder is suing a northwest Arkansas hospital system for withdrawing a job offer after he tested positive for pot, and he says he’s not alone.

Balance “Lance” Reed of Washington County is seeking class-action status against Northwest Arkansas Hospitals LLC of Springdale, which operates several hospitals including Willow Creek Women’s Hospital and Northwest Medical Center-Bentonville.

Reed said in his lawsuit, filed earlier this month in Washington County Circuit Court, that he believes there are at least 35 and as many as 100 people who were denied a job by Northwest Arkansas Hospitals because of their medical marijuana patient status.

Under the law, employers can decide not to hire a medical marijuana patient for a “safety-sensitive position,” such as being a truck driver or manufacturing explosives.

“So the trucking industry could designate positions as safety-sensitive and then not be forced to hire someone on drugs,” said Reed’s attorney, Chris W. Burks of WH Law of North Little Rock. “The problem is that a lot of employers in Arkansas don’t understand that they have to designate that position as safety-sensitive … on the front end.”

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