Adult-Use Cannabis Regulations Take Effect in Guam


The long-delayed rules and regulations for adult-use cannabis are now in effect. They were approved by default after the Guam Legislature let them lapse into law without any action.

Senators had 90 days from the date of submission to pass, amend or reject the cannabis rules and regs. They took no action, and the deadline lapsed on May 31. The Cannabis Control Board met today to discuss the next steps.

Chairperson Attorney Vanessa Williams announced, “According to the Compiler of Laws, May 29 was the date of effectiveness that they became effective. So 90 days within May 29 would be the date the deadline for accepting and processing applications.”

The board is planning a working session of all stakeholder agencies prior to that with a goal of being able to start accepting applications before the 90 days is up.  Chairperson Williams also acknowledged that there may be a need to further refine the rules and regs at some point given the prior public feedback, saying, “I think overwhelming what we heard at the legislature was with the cultivation standards. Across the board they said, the public testified that they were too stringent. And that they were more stringent than any other agricultural product the growing standards and what’s prohibited. And so I think it warrants, despite the fact that the rules have been accepted by default by the legislature, we cant unhear what’s been communicated to us.”

The commission plans to start taking a look at those concerns ahead of its next meeting next month.

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