Marijuana Recipes

The Best Marijuana Recipes

The Best Marijuana Recipes

There are lots of fantastic marijuana recipes out there, but which are the best? It’s hard to know which recipes even work with the abundance of misinformation out there on what works when you are cooking with weed and what doesn’t get the put the pot in the pot. So when dining on delicious weed butter or baking some bud filled brownies come and consult this list of the very best weed filled marijuana recipes around.

Get Baked

Start out with some Infused Banana Kush Cannabis Milk!

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By the author of the Ganja Kitchen Revolution Jessica Calantino for Banana Kush CannaMilk, this is a great recipe because the kief is infused directly into the food you will be consuming, which means no messy extractions to mess with before getting down to culinary ecstasy!

This second medical marijuana recipe was taken from Buzz Feed’s list of Marijuana Recipes Colorado and Washington residents need to try!

Best pot butter recipe

It’s just a basic recipe for Cannabis Butter, we think our recipe is much better but here is an alternative that isn’t on our own website. This is the basic standard for making cannabis butter, but if you would like you can find a step by step how to make cannabis butter video on youtube

best recipe for pot hot chocolate

This is a INSANE recipe from the user submitted website Stoner Cookbook. This recipe has a LOT of kief, so don’t be scared to make it with a little less if you don’t want to be crazy stoned! If you dare click here to make some awesome Marijuana infused Pot Hot Chocolate. If you are afraid of this recipe or only making it for a few people you can use as little as 1/4-1/2 gram of kief. Also try using bubble hash instead of kief, but make sure you know it is BUBBLE hash and not the butane kind, as butane is toxic..

Best Marijauna cupcake

We prefer recipes that don’t use cannabis butter or oil because you can incorporate those ingredients into almost any recipe, but this Pot Butter Infused Cupcake Recipe with the use of sour cream and chocolate was just way too delicious not to include.

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Then over to a site of my own, Cannabis Kitchen for the all too awesome Cannabis Recipe Strawberry Kiwi Stoner Shortcakes.