Marijuana Dispenasries

Fairness in regards to dispensary prices

Are the prices in marijuana dispensaries fair? I think not. It’s really difficult to say if the prices in marijuana dispensaries are fair. It depends what you are basing it upon. If you are going to say that the prices of both alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs are fair, then I would say yes, the prices of marijuana are fair.

If you are going to take the stance that alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs are incredibly medical-marijuana-can-you-afford-it?overpriced due to the fact that there are a few people taking advantage of a situation which is extremely limited, and will stay extremely limited due to the huge social stigma to surrounding, chances are you would also consider the prices in dispensaries high.

It seems almost near impossible to cook with marijuana at dispensary prices. Some dispensaries offer specials like shake/trim for $125 an oz. But that’s still incredibly overpriced considering the street value of brick or shake is around the same! The fact is, it costs to get legitimate medication!

At $350-800 an ounce, cooking with high grade bud is even more expensive. Lucky there are a few other options, such as meeting growers and people at local compassion club. Some people may not even use their trim and plant waste! That means you could get it for very cheap or free.

Then there is the option of going to craigslist. Craigslist can be a shadey place, especially when dealing with drugs which are still considering illicit.

Medical Marijuana, Can you afford it?

Although luckily, there are lots of dispensaries who have kept their word in providing discount medications for cooking. Such as mid grade marijuana for around $110 an ounce. This is a definite improvement over the direct to dispensary prices. Unfortunately, craigslist is known to be a hot spot for law enforcement.

There are also new dispensary promotions in california where there is no 1/8th of weed over $39. So it looks like things are moving in the right direction. Regardless of where you get your medication, people agree, it’s overpriced for a weed which should be growing naturally everywhere you turn! Marijuana is expensive due to the regulation that surrounds it.